post no. 411 -- homebodies

this has been the story of our lives this weekend. after two days of dismally grey weather, a 27 hour work schedule for buzz, and a lot of putzing around the house cleaning and gasp doing dishes for me, this weekend seems to have let of us more tired than when we started.

we're settled in on the couch now, with warm tea, a cuddly blanket and some stephen hawking universe exploration. we're really just nerds with attitude. yo.

post no. 410 -- it's the little things v. 12

this week, despite only being four days, was pretty challenging. we had several big events at work, and when it felt like nothing was going right, it just so happened that nothing was in fact going right. despite the craziness of that world, it was so refreshing to sit down and sort through the photos i have been snapping all week to compile this post. it's these little things link ups that can take a week like this and completely turn it around.


on wednesday buzz and i made our way down to the times market in mccully and picked up a slew of food. we're pretty awful at grocery shopping, which is strange seeing as every time i go, i impulse buy my way through the entire place, but every now and then, when our bookshelf pantry is completely bare, and we spend two nights in a row eating noodles with no sauce, we go. this week buzz insisted on bringing home a giant bag of clementines, and let me just tell you guys, there's nothing like coming home from a long day to peel apart one errr.. ten little juicy babies. 

as i mentioned in my last post buzz is about to deploy. we've been in denial for several weeks now, but the truth is, it's coming. but we've decided to get off our poutty stools and make the most of it. so we enacted dinner nights. for the last couple of nights we've been taking turns cooking for each other. one of buzz's nights he made the most delicious cumin roasted nut chicken i have ever tasted. have i mentioned that boy is creative in the kitchen? it is such a breath of fresh air being able to lean on each other, even when it's just a meal.

chopping. have you every noticed how amazingly pro you feel when dicing and slicing up vegetables, and well.. anything really. i feel like rachel ray on crack sometimes slicing onions and things, without a tear in my eye, and sliding my freshly chopped ingredients off into a simmering pot. sometimes i even narrate to buzz while i'm cooking. i still live on the delusional planet that i am an amazing cook worthy of her own tv empire. yup. that's me.

one of the most amazing "perks" about my job is my ability to get out on the water every week. i talked about this on another little things post but i think it's worth mentioning again. there's a sense of freedom that comes when you're out on the water. like your problems were left on the dock, and all that matters is the sun on your face and the wind through you hair. i feel so blessed to have grown up next to the beach, and to be living a block from one now.

sometimes all you really need after a week through the trenches is a couple of humbling photos to remind you how lucky you really are. 

how have you been blessed this week? 

Hello Hue Little Things

post no. 409 -- well

buzz and i just finished the most amazing pork burrito wraps. and i was too busy not breathing between bits to stop myself and snap some photos. these last few days we've been taking turns making dinner for each other, and tonight was my turn to whip something up. we've been making it a point to sit down and eat together, and being in the final weeks now of the deployment countdown i think it's more important than ever to create some memories to get us through the coming months. 

so now were curled up on the couch watching legally blonde, eating vanilla ice cream, and making the most of the time we have together.

here's to making memories!

post no. 408 -- black like my soul, walls.

buzz and i have never really been huge fans of white walls. not to say that we hate them. we're just not exactly shelling out the big bucks in advertising promotions. so when we moved into our last place, the first thing on the agenda was to cover each nook and cranny with a splash of color. joy.

everything was dandy until it came time to move. by myself. paint everything back. by myself. and overall just hate life. you get the picture... 

so yaddah yaddah, we're in our apartment now, and loving it. but it's soo.... white. and bright. becuase of all the... light! so today while working at my other job pinterest, i casually brought up the idea to paint one of the two walls in the house black. and surprisingly (actually not that surprisingly) buzz thought it was a fabulous notion. so once i finally conclude on the direction of our home decor, the walls are going black! 

but in the meantime, i scheme... and share my findings with all of you!! so enjoy :) 


post no. 407 -- dinner and a show

tonight buzz is out with the boys tearing up the town because it's his last night his friends will be in town as they finish up the tail end of their deployment. no biggie though. cause i'm just posted up in the house with some ramen and new episodes of khloe & lamar. i love this show. and i will say this before i leave you little chickadees... adding curry to just about everything makes it pretty spectacular!

how was everyone's weekend?

post no. 406 -- it's the little things v. 11

i really didn't expect much of this week to tell you the truth. we've been doing a huge company overhaul at work and that means longgggg days sorting through photos, editing code, and brainstorming every little corner of our new website. so when i got a call half way through the week letting me know my vespa was ready to go, i was over the moon ecstatic.

and let me just tell you how exhilarating it is to speed down the road snapping pictures of the back of your husband's head. i mean really, it's the stuff daredevils thrive off of. 

a couple other things that made my week a little bit better than ordinary... shoe racks - or rather, watching your husband assemble said shoe racks, and then having him organize your entire shoe collection.

...spoiled puppies - jack to be specific. getting not one, but two over-sized bones and an impenetrable chew toy from our building manager who loves her like his own little thing. watching them play together can bring a smile to a spinster's face, i swear.

...& valentines day candy - after munching through half the bag in the last hour i might be barfing rainbows later, but oh boy are they delicious.

what made your list this week?

Aisle to Aloha

post no. 405 -- life lately

this weekend buzz's friend came down from base and the boys loaded up my little le putt for her trip to the service center of our local vespa dealer. remember back when this happened? well, we've been pretty lax about getting things fixed due to finances, and a new year means new priorities, err.. maybe just getting loose ends tied up before deployment... 

lately i've been hating the mobility, or lack there of, that comes with being a bus patron. so when i got a call yesterday saying that the parts were in and they could start service in two days, i practically happy danced through our entire apartment. 

so long story short, tomorrow afternoon, i get lil miss lucy le putt back. $1000, an oil change, and a good scrubbin' later, i'll be riding off in the sunset, never to set foot on the noisy bus again! 

so an afternoon at the beach with friends, a good cuddle with the spoiled puppy who's daddy bought her THE LARGEST bone, and a husband home on leave taking care of all the dirty dishes, leads  to one happy camper in this neck of the woods.

hope your week is going splendidly as well! 

post no. 404 -- happy v-day

from buzz and i 

post no. 403 -- sunburns & sushi

it's kind of funny. just about every time i think about buying little random tid bits, they tend to show up on the side of the road in waikiki saving us a few bucks. our latest find were a pair of beach chairs last night on our walk with jack. after skipping over to inspect them, i had buzz lug them into to the elevators and up to safety. 

i was excited to try them out today, and after some back and forth with the weather this morning, buzz and i finally headed to the beach after a flash gordon 80s extravoganza. definitely a must watch if only for the costumes. from there we proceeded to burn. like a disco inferno, but better. err, redder... 

[when they tell you you can burn under overcast skies, you should listen. cause they ain't fibbin.]

so now we're sitting here, burned. eating yummy sushi, and watching netflix. and blending margaritas. because that's what you do when you're red like a cherry tomato.  

post no. 402 -- it's the little things v. 10

this week has been a bit of a blur with buzz being gone. what i thought was going to be a long boring few days alone in the apartment has turned into a bit of a crazy week at work. we recently hired a new wedding planner to help take over some of the correspondence and clerical things, so lately i've been getting to the meat and bones of our marketing plans and completely revamping our websites. busy much?

despite the flurry of events that have been happening lately, it was nice to have some little things to be thankful for this week.

for starters, 
fresh avocados from the farmer's market
something about their creamy green goodness makes me feel instantly at home.
yum. yum. yum.

sailing the seven seas.
or at least the coast...
working for a charter company sure does have it's perks.
when i get to get out on the water it sure does tend to put things in a different perspective.

e-mails from buzz
especially ones letting me know he'll be home soon!

orchids really are one of the most beautiful flowers.
and certainly one of my favorite.
as much as hawaii took some getting used to,
it was worth it for all of the natural beauty we get to experience each and every day.

what are some things that made your week special?

Aisle to Aloha

post no. 401 -- hoping for the best && some goals

this is my motto for this deployment. hoping for the best. because the last, was the worst. so naturally, i'm a little anxious about jumping right into another one. but having got through the last, i know it's possible.

one of my biggest regrets about buzz's last deployment was not setting and goals for myself.

while six months is quite a long time to be alone, it's also an amazing opportunity for growth. this deployment i want to document that growth through some goals. here they are:

read the entire bible cover to cover
save, save, save
write one handwritten letter a week
hip hop abs
island hop over to maui
make good girl friends
care packages [lots of care packages]
cook at least one complete meal per week
decide on a style && decorate our apartment
keep jack happy and exercised 

i might be adding to this list over the next several months, but for now, this is them. 

post no. 400 -- bits of the week {so far}

buzz and i celebrating the superbowl spanish style // dusk from the apartment
cranberry&vodkas // some tattoo sketches
reassurance // new year's resolutions in some family fashions
tater fishies // one tired puppy dog watching the wash spin round

buzz left this morning for another underway and i spent a very long day starting the redesign process for one of our websites at work. i have some little goals for the week that hopefully i can stay on top of, including getting some reading done and relaxing with my cuddle monkey. oh yeah... and chores. remember back when we actually wanted to be grown ups...? lame!

hurry home mr. p!

post no. 399 -- manoa falls

yesterday we went hiking up to manoa falls.
it was everything we had originally expected when we moved to hawaii.
we took jack, and jungle puppy loved it. 
jungle buzz loved it too. 
long story short, it was an awesome family adventure. 
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