post no. 406 -- it's the little things v. 11

i really didn't expect much of this week to tell you the truth. we've been doing a huge company overhaul at work and that means longgggg days sorting through photos, editing code, and brainstorming every little corner of our new website. so when i got a call half way through the week letting me know my vespa was ready to go, i was over the moon ecstatic.

and let me just tell you how exhilarating it is to speed down the road snapping pictures of the back of your husband's head. i mean really, it's the stuff daredevils thrive off of. 

a couple other things that made my week a little bit better than ordinary... shoe racks - or rather, watching your husband assemble said shoe racks, and then having him organize your entire shoe collection.

...spoiled puppies - jack to be specific. getting not one, but two over-sized bones and an impenetrable chew toy from our building manager who loves her like his own little thing. watching them play together can bring a smile to a spinster's face, i swear.

...& valentines day candy - after munching through half the bag in the last hour i might be barfing rainbows later, but oh boy are they delicious.

what made your list this week?

Aisle to Aloha


  1. Congrats on your vespa! I don't blame you for being excited one bit - I once went to a motorcycle store with an ex to look at bikes (he had a crotch rocket and thought I needed one, too). He wanted me to find one I liked, because I was thinking of trading my car in for something more economical. A few minutes later I came running up to him, so excited, because "I found a really cute motorcycle!" When I took him over to the purple-flower-painted vespa and told him that was the bike I wanted, he just walked away shaking his head. Long story, I know, but thought you might appreciate some like-minded excitement. :-)

    Love your blog, by the way. Great style, very original, and the most important thing: fun! :-)

  2. Is that picture in Waikiki? Cause I swear I've seen that intersection...haha. (I am living on Hickam AFB here in Oahu)

    Anyways... Looks like fun!
    Coming to you from Lindsay's link up! ;)

  3. "barfing rainbows" LOL i recently got my fav candy offline and have eaten some (er, too much) and am waiting to turn into one of them or "barf green apples" as the case may be..

    over from the little things link up :)

  4. Your Vespa is gorgeous! I used to have a red one...long time ago, and would really love to have one again! So fun! Happy weekend! xxx

  5. you own A VESPA?! it might be on my life bucket list. you look very happy on that baby! and as far as eating valentine's candy, i don't even really like conversation hearts yet i have found myself eating one after another after another after another...

  6. Um, yeah, that Vespa is super awesome!!! Now I want one :)

    Hopping over from the link-up!

  7. How fun!! I want a vespa!! Thanks for stopping by my blog!! Hope you have an awesome weekend!

    --JeNeal @ Pieces of Luv

  8. Oooh, that vespa looks so fun!!! It's hard not to spoil our furry friends, right? :)

  9. There are TONS of mopeds here is Spain and I would love to have one but with two kids they are kinda impractical!
    Have fun!
    Stopping by from the little things link up!

  10. You vespa? I love it! We should vespa together and meanwhile your husband can teach my husband how to organize shoe collections! Yes, this sounds like a wonderful idea.


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