post no. 385 -- traveling just isn't the same without tater tots

for that matter, traveling isn't quite the same without a pillow pet named after your landlord either. unai, the unicorn {who is also our niece's christmas present, multi-tasking!}, helped buzz sleep the majority of the flight while i caught up on my reading and was stalked by the nine year old in 28e because of my compilation of in flight snacks. don't hate cause you weren't prepared! 

p.s. i forgot how chilly californian winters were. 

hope you're all having a great new year's weekend!

post no. 383 -- i took the biggest suitcase

today marks the two day countdown to california. praise the lord. buzz and i dropped jack off at her puppy hotel yesterday afternoon and i'm pretty sure she didn't even stop to say bye. it's weird having the house to ourselves, but i'm pretty sure we're made some record packing time.

one more half day to freedom my dears. and in n out. oh the greasy goodness. i better start fasting.

post no. 382 -- christmas lights

buzz and i didn't make too much of a fuss over the holidays this year seeing as a few days after christmas we'll be heading back to southern california for a little r&r in the chill. 

we did however string up three pairs of lights over the course of the month to have all but one fail and burn out. and jack did her best at destroying whatever ornaments she could. {she really is the grinch...} so this is what we have to get us through the weekend. 

i don't mind too much though. because in 6 days we'll be celebrating what really matters.  

post no. 381 -- a few things

tops: goodwill & ross, jeans: f21, boots: payless

it is very hard to take consistent outfit shot when buzz is on a holiday duty schedule, and there is only so much light left in our afternoons. so sometimes we skip the serious poses and just  go with the secret over the shoulder pose. i feel like i'm a total shoe in for victoria's secret. 

portlandia is just about one of the funniest shows to ever be streamed to our television. i really could just watch it for hours. especially when faced with the option to clean or couch potato. i mean for reals. 

it has rained every night for the last week and a half.
on the down side i wake up in the middle of the night. 
on the plus side i wake up to pretty windows. 
and our windows get washed. 

i've been drinking chocolate milk before bed every night. and it upsets my stomach, but it tastes so delicious. so i keep drinking it. 

i miss buzz terribly on his duty nights. so i stay up way past my bed time just to distract myself from having to go sleep in an empty bed.

jack would make an excellent mattress model. "see how the wine glass remains in place as jackie jumps about..." yep. i'm so proud.

post no. 380 -- every now and then

you read something that makes your whole day worth pushing through. 

post no. 379 -- playing catch up

bundled walks // sleepy puppies
festive flora // christmas trees
sunday shopping trips
rainy days // and a new hair cut

post no. 378 -- we gettin' fancy

we also spilling our noodles not once, but twice in our laps.
and by we i mean jack and i
who happens to love the leftover broth from my noodles
because i would never serve ramen for dinner if buzz was home
yeah right. 

but buzz isn't home. 
so us girly girls get to get away with 
college style meals.
gossip girl marathons. 
and procrastinating a wee bit longer on those essays.

post no. 377 -- christmas wishing v. 1

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11

these are a few of my favorite things. 

post no. 376 -- happy birthday lola

happy birthday to you. 
happy birthday to you. 
happy birthdayyyyy dear marthhaaaaaa
and luis her twin brother
happy birthday to you!

we hope you have the most fabulous birthday in the whole wide world. 
because you're my bestest friend.
in the whole wide world. 
so you kinda deserve it. 

post no. 375 -- finals week has arrived

we watched mr. tebow do it again yesterday. in case you were curious, buzz is a ginormous denver fan, like since he was 10. so is my dad. die hard i say. so these last six sundays have been extra loud, and overly dramatic in our household, with yesterday being no exception. buzz and i woke up at the crack of dawn 9:30 and headed down the strip to chicken wing central to scarf down our body weight in deep fried goodness. by the time we were waddling back to the car, it was 3rd quarter and there was barely any movement on the scoreboard. then true to tebow fashion, as soon as we were about to start snoozing the game heads into overtime. win, win, win, horrah!

now to transition from the excitement to a less fantastical subject.. it's finals week. and i have about a million and one assignments left to do before the week is over. it's kind of a blessing in disguise that buzz is having slumber parties at work almost every other day, because less distractions equals longer attention spans... maybe.

now if i can only ever get done with my work day, that'd just be dandy. 

post no. 374 -- redo

sweater: urban outfitters, dress: ross, boots: payless, necklace: f21

let's try this again. remember this epic fail? well, let's have a do over shall we? this time i'm going to try to focus on consistent picture taking instead of the same ol' clothes outfit challenge since that was my downfall last time, who knows, i'm kinda all over the place this week. we'll figure it out as we go. so bring it.

post no. 373 -- right now

jack and i are sprawled out on the sofa
watching gossip girl from the beginning
doing psychology homework
and prepping for a steady stream of finals and fun

she knows her stuff way more than i do. 
least favorite subject.

post no. 372 -- christmas party

last night was buzz's christmas party with his command. we decided to go pretty last minute [buzz snagged tickets the day before] and i'm so glad we did. my favorite part of the evening was the fact that we threw together these little outfits in all of an hour at forever 21, for under $100. winning!

the party was held at the marriott waikiki, a whopping two blocks from our apartment, and was decked out with sparkling trees, dessert heaven, and a buffet line i meandered through a couple six times.

overall it was a good night out with old and new friends. and when it came to dancing, let's just say i taught 'em how to dougie...

post no. 371 -- a date that will live in infamy

yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the japanese attacks on pearl harbor. so of course, we celebrate with a parade full of veterans and old roadsters. it was actually a great night (minus the ticket on our windshield at the end of the night). the parade paid tribute to each of the battleships at pearl harbor that day by hosting the top high school marching band from each state, arizona, maryland, and on and on, as well as some local talents of our own. 

sweater - nex, scarf - h&m, top - old navy, jeans - f21, boots - payless

buzz and i were bundled from head to toe which was a nice change up to the shorts and tank tops we i wear all day. tonight is his christmas party with the command, and i'm ready to get my fancy on. well. semi-fancy. either way, apple cider here i come! 
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