post no. 371 -- a date that will live in infamy

yesterday was the 70th anniversary of the japanese attacks on pearl harbor. so of course, we celebrate with a parade full of veterans and old roadsters. it was actually a great night (minus the ticket on our windshield at the end of the night). the parade paid tribute to each of the battleships at pearl harbor that day by hosting the top high school marching band from each state, arizona, maryland, and on and on, as well as some local talents of our own. 

sweater - nex, scarf - h&m, top - old navy, jeans - f21, boots - payless

buzz and i were bundled from head to toe which was a nice change up to the shorts and tank tops we i wear all day. tonight is his christmas party with the command, and i'm ready to get my fancy on. well. semi-fancy. either way, apple cider here i come! 


  1. Love your pictures and outfit!
    Best wishes fom Germany

  2. fun! i had no idea there was a parade in waikiki for pearl harbor :)


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