post no. 381 -- a few things

tops: goodwill & ross, jeans: f21, boots: payless

it is very hard to take consistent outfit shot when buzz is on a holiday duty schedule, and there is only so much light left in our afternoons. so sometimes we skip the serious poses and just  go with the secret over the shoulder pose. i feel like i'm a total shoe in for victoria's secret. 

portlandia is just about one of the funniest shows to ever be streamed to our television. i really could just watch it for hours. especially when faced with the option to clean or couch potato. i mean for reals. 

it has rained every night for the last week and a half.
on the down side i wake up in the middle of the night. 
on the plus side i wake up to pretty windows. 
and our windows get washed. 

i've been drinking chocolate milk before bed every night. and it upsets my stomach, but it tastes so delicious. so i keep drinking it. 

i miss buzz terribly on his duty nights. so i stay up way past my bed time just to distract myself from having to go sleep in an empty bed.

jack would make an excellent mattress model. "see how the wine glass remains in place as jackie jumps about..." yep. i'm so proud.


  1. ah the rain is killing me! i love it when i'm at home, ready to go to sleep but i HATE how it causes so much traffic ;(

  2. You're retarded, but I love you still

  3. I LOVE chocolate milk and I LOVE Portlandia! I wish we had IFC.


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