post no. 352 -- we paddle board on land

yesterday we went for a long walk, because really, there is only so much laying around watching football one can do on a sunday afternoon. so buzz brought his skateboard down with our newly acquired paddle and we had a fun little time on the dead end.

we really wanted jack to be one of those skateboarder dogs that you see in magazines and advertisements, but she has zero balance. so we settled with sled hound. 

post no. 351 -- 30 for 30: the plan

left to right: forever 21, forever 21, h&m, forever 21, old navy

left to right: forever 21, forever 21, ross, ross, old navy, old navy

left to right: ross, ruche, ross, forever 21, forever 21, forever 21

left to right: lrg, old navy, forever 21, forever 21, indie jeans

left to right: they're all from ross

so here we go my pretties. my 30 for 30! you might be doing some math and thinking heyyy... you're two short! but i'm not, and you're quite the quick mathlete, but the truth is, i just got tired of taking pictures. shocking, i know, and decided to call it a wrap with 28, but the other two are 3/4 sleeve white and grey slub tops, so there. now you know. 

i chose not to include accessories {belts, and jewelry, and all that jazz} and under shirts, which i wear to make sure my ta-tas don't go gallivanting off to explore the free world. oh believe me, if given the chance, they will. 

anywhooo, i'm kinda early and all that, but i'm super excited to get this ball a rollin' on tuesday, and see what you all come up with for your 30 for 30 adventures!

and if you're really cool, and want to link up or something like that.... you can grab a button! 

post no. 350 -- almost to awesome

buzz is on duty today, which means lots of laying around, resting, and getting homework done, so that the rest of this weekend can be packed with awesome-ness. except for tomorrow. tomorrow is off to earn money at a charter for work which involves dead people, so.. no awesome-ness. but after that, it's fair game. 

we need some out of the house time, fun time, you know... awesome time! with my being sick pretty much this whole week, and his working nights every. single. day night. the general extent of our conversations have been "hoonnneeyyy can you bring me some waterrr?" {yes, i am that girl that acts five years old when she is not feeling good} 

that is all about to change though because it's almost the weekend!

what are your plans for this weekend?

post no. 349 -- it's the little things v. 8

waking up to breakfast sandwiches, prepared masterfully by our in house chef. 
mmkay gang, paprika on anything, is devine. 
dee. vine. 

having this hunk as that in house chef. 
and also professional sick day coach. 

my first ever root beer float. 
and let me just say this about that. 
you guys were holding out on me. 

sweet little love letters on the mirror. 
"know that the next 50+ years will be ours"
and then i watched up and bawled my eyes out. 
true story. 

studying my panties off.
and getting a big fat A on my exam. 
even though i missed one question, grumble grumble.
the only thing better would be a sticker. 
and only then by a small margin. 

how did your week shape up?

Aisle to Aloha

post no. 348 -- thank you

thank you so much for all of your sweet comments on last night's post. monday night i was up most of the night with horrible stomach pains and flu like symptoms. i ended up staying home yesterday and getting absolutely nothing done, and i think my ocd kicked in when i realized how messy my house was. being that buzz is still working nights, i had no one to help my frail exhausted little self {seeing as i haven't been able to eat much without wanting to yack...tmi?} clean up and i ended up over exerting myself leading to not one, but two meltdowns in search of the dust pan. 

that's all over now though thanks to a long nap this morning, an awesome husband, and a snickers. i'm still dealing with an off and on headache, but i've been feeling much better today, and can safely say i'll be back in action tomorrow. 

so thank you again for the pep talks, and sweet words, and overall support. you guys are the best!

post no. 347 -- untitled

you ever feel like you just need a good cry?
maybe for no reason at all
maybe for one hundred and one
i do. 

like your world just caved in around you
and somehow you feel guilty.
for something you couldn't possibly control.
or maybe you could.

i need a break.
can i just pause life for a bit?

post no. 346 -- pumpkin party

this weekend seems such a blur. life seems just about a blur in general lately. this time of the year tend to get me. especially out here in hawaii. with the weather barely changing its hard to get excited about the holidays. but this weekend we had a pumpkin carving party with our friends out in ewa. i didn't manage to get too many shots of the process, but here is a look at kris and my creations.

can you guess who carved what?

post no. 345 -- meet mary

here's some pictures of the sketch i'm putting together for my right sidepiece. 
it's mary magdalene. in the form of a gypsy style tattoo. 
i would want her in color, but for now i think a sketch // outline will do. 
i was originally aiming for more traditional sailor jerry style gypsy, but i'm kind of digging this neo looking piece with a rose and banner and a mix up of block font/script styles.

i've wanted a saint and sinner tattoo for a while now and when i came across this quote:

every saint has a past
every sinner has a future

i want quite a few biblical tattoos, including some verses, and maybe even a rosary,
but this side piece has always been at the top of my list of tattoo to dos. 
i was in love with the quote, and couldn't wait to piece it together in tattoo format. 

well after a couple months of debating i've finally figured out how to put this little wonder together. 
now all i need is to pool some money together...

anywhoo i figured i'd post this just in case you were wondering what i've been up to tonight. 
other than waiting for buzz to get home from work. 
and to think he volunteered for this schedule. 


post no. 344 -- it's the little things v. 7

homemade banana bread
mother has the best recipes she shares with me. 
and it's an amazing baking self esteem booster because it's super easy to make. 

my new "fall" booties
who says we can't bring a little cozy to the land of aloha?
and also i don't care what they say about me being 5'9", i will wear pumps til i reach the stars.

the faces bugsy makes when she's falling asleep
go ahead, you can say it... awwww!
i said it too...

new spare keys so that tuesday never happens again
because while shopping rocks, sitting outside the building like a homeless person does not. 
{we have a pretty strict don't let in anyone without a key rule..}

how did your week shape up?

Aisle to Aloha

post no. 343 -- outfit post v. 10: buzz the photog

top and tank: target
skirt: forever 21
necklace: forever21
shoes: dollhouse

this afternoon before buzz had to head out for another late night on the ship i asked him to take some outfit shots. i love that he has his own quirky little approach. like mirror shots. maybe we can get comfortable enough to move outside soon, but for this photo sesh we stayed in the confines of our apartment. 

remember how i talked about my little adventure tuesday afternoon? well some of these were a product of that downtown detour. shoes *cough*. and they are super comfy! i don't think i would have ever said that about heels a few years ago, but true. now just to keep them safe from jack attack. 

hoping by the time tomorrow's little things post goes up i will have a immaculate somewhat cleaner house to be thankful for. key word: hoping. but truth me told, netflix and painting my toes seems like a way more valuable use of my free time. 

post no. 342 -- 30 days of outfits, coming soon!

let me give you all some background... monday buzz received word that they were switching up his schedule at work, which means instead of spending all night loafing around the house with me, he has to go work for that money! yesterday was our first try at the new schedule, and we failed big time. he, being the sweetheart he is, offered to pick me up after work and escort me home. wanting to sneak in as much time as possible, i suggested we make a bank date to go take care of our bills together since our bank is right next to the base. he was down, so i tagged along. the plan was for me to take the bus home {you know, since i'm such an awesome bus patron these days}. 

so all that went swell. we even picked up some mickey d's after we were finished. and then it came time for me to head home on the bus. thanks to my iphone, that was even a breeze. where we ran into trouble was after i got off the bus. there i was, standing in the middle of waikiki, about a block away from our building, when i realized buzz was still in possession of our house key and elevator fob. to quote homer simpson.... doh! frantically i called buzz... how to heck am i going to get in, you're not off till like 10pm! yack yack yack! and then in the midst of panic mode i realized, dude i'm in waikiki... i can go shopping! 

so that's what i did. and in the midst of shopping i came to terms with another epiphany. why don't i do an outfit challenge? so here we are, with me writing this background story, and pitching you all this not-so-original post idea, all thanks to a set of forgotten keys. 

so here's the plan... 
{originals here & here}

30 outfits, in 30 days, with 30 pieces of clothing
coming november 1, 2011

**i'm not including undershirts etc in this 30, because i love wearing tank tops little things to make my shirts more modest but that i wouldn't pair alone.

another thing...

**my 30 days might not be one right after the other, every single day. but i'm going to try. i don't want  things to get stale, but i think this would be a fun little adventure to try.

think i can do it? 
think you can to?

maybe we should have a little link up party for november! 
what do you think?

post no. 341 -- winner winner chicken dinner

so this morning i woke up to this tweet from my best blogger gal pal tiffany.

at first i was like hold up... what in the world is this crazy lady talking about winner... then i was like ...wait a minute... could it be?!? so while i clung for life on the bus twisting and turning around the crazy streets of waikiki {schools back in session = no seats on the bus for the first few miles}, i managed to open safari up to danielle's blog where she had recently hosted a giveaway for a theit camera bag.

it was late one night when i entered, and i had seen these bags everywhere, so i was pretty stoked that d was offering such an awesome giveaway. i don't usually enter these things, but hey why not i thought.

well here we are a week later and....

winner winner chicken dinner!!
{can you tell i'm excited?} 
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