post no. 336 -- snarky

i'm feeling pretty sassy today. 
like i got a chip on my shoulder or something. 

maybe it's because i stepped on my glasses this morning. 
maybe it's because i have had a on again off again stomach flu lately which is disrupting my sleep.
maybe it's because we had to do a totally unexpected {and rather pricey} systems flush on the jeep yesterday. 

whatever the cause, i kind of like it.
pretending i'm some type of tough guy in the neighborhood.
but in a skirt and comfy top instead of a wife beater.

{p.s. on a not so bad ass note}
i feel like this outfit was sorta made for fall in hawaii.
it has been pouringgg rain off and on these last few days...
so hopefully this sunshine i'm seeing is here to stay! 


  1. Feeing sassy is fun! :P

  2. cuteeee. and by cuteeee, i mean badass.

  3. friggin eh on stepping on your glasses! snark it up :P

  4. I've never been to Hawaii, but I could definitely see how that would be a very appropriate Fall in Hawaii outfit!

  5. hell yes to badassery! you have such a cute blog. and living in hawaii! marvelous!

  6. I just love the word 'snarky'. Love it! :) You look great!


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