post no. 368 -- a holiday week, instagram style

these last five days have been fabulous. i took the wednesday before thanksgiving off to decompress and get the apartment deep cleaned {something i have been neglecting today} before our guests arrived on the big day. since realizing the aftermath of a mess that results from holiday parties, we have spent the rest of the weekend laying low, trying to recoup sleep, and slowly but surely pulling out a new wave of decorations. 

p.s. our weather is finally starting to feel like the holidays are here... rain, overcast skies, and bustling winds. living in the tropics, you take what you can get. 

post no. 367 -- thankful pt. 2

well it's the morning after. how did everyone fare?? we spent most of the day having a transformers marathon while waiting for the turkey to slow roast and our friends to arrive. 

now i'm going to let you guys in on a little secret, only if you promise not to tell him i told you, but... buzz is a pretty amazing cook. when he told me about his plans for an apricot pineapple glaze for the beast of the bird thawing in our sink, i was a little on the whoa kid take it slow for your first turkey side. but guys. oh my word. everyone in attendance admitted it was by far the best turkey they had ever tasted. i lucked out with this one. 

other than that little wonder, we had some traditional sides including candied yams. yum! not everyone is a fan of those babies, but when you love em' you love em', and the annual suspense is so worth it. 

well today buzz is scoping out the black friday deals online, and i'm sitting here sipping my morning cocoa and planning how to tackle this mess of a kitchen. so not looking forward to this... 

have a fabulous weekend!

post no. 366 -- thankful.

my heart is so full this year. 
i don't even know where to begin. 

i am thankful for buzz and jack, and this little family we call ours. 
i am thankful not just for our little family in hawaii, but our big one on the mainland
i am thankful for our health
and not only our ability to walk and talk but the freedom to do so. 
i am thankful for our home. 
i am thankful for the food {almost} in our bellies.
and everything in between. 

i hope you all are having a fabulous thanksgiving with friends and families and all those you love. 
now i'm off to enjoy mine.  

post no. 364 -- all festive for fall

this thursday is kind of a big deal. it will be buzz and my first thanksgiving together as a married pair {last year he was on deployment yuck!} so this year, is big. so big, that it called for decorating and everything c/o walmart for a whopping $1.50. i know, big spenders. 

the weather is just starting to take a turn for fall and that makes me happy. overcast skies, rainy afternoons, and hot cocoa with marshmellows. 

p. e. r. fecto

post no. 363 -- finally

after like a million and one nine days buzz is back home! i'm happy, jack is way past that, and hennessy the fish well... has that bubbly feeling all over. here's to a weekend of getting our little family routine back in order!

in other news, this happened earlier this morning...  

tiffany and i swapped text message war wound stories, kinda. more like, bring kleenex and a stick to bite down on when you go get your elbow tattooed, stories. i love this lady. who knew that was possible being a kajillion miles away, but ain't that the truth!

post no. 362 -- nine days via instagram

christmas lights // jack enjoying the raised sectional
my gorgeous flowers // nap time is lap time
new top // thanksgiving planning
earring assortment // using my nightstand

post no. 361 -- i couldn't stage this stuff if i tried

one of the huge things i have loved about owning my camera is being able to capture life's little moments on a whim. 

what started out as a mini-cuddle session on the couch turned into a grand sprawl-for-all once i uttered the words bed and time in the same sentence. of course, being the magnificence that is jack, that means she sleeps on the majority of my queen size mattress, and i curl into as compact of a sleeping arrangement as physically possible without disturbing her majesty. nine times out of ten we scoot her over, but i'll let her soak up the last days of just the two of us in bed while she can. 

sometimes i wish she was a real child so i could embarrass her with these photos when she brought boys home to meet buzz and i... 

oh life. no matter how hard it gets, there will always be the little smiles that make it all worthwhile.

post no. 360 -- calling all commentators

so this mop of a mess of a hair cut... or lack there of, is in need of some tlc. this weekend i'm going in for a trim and a style, and i'm thinking a color.


this was me in high school.. all fabulous and blonde, and i'm kinda thinking about going back. or at least doing something channeling my roots. the problem is i love the dark. but i love the natural look as well... 

i just need to snap out of this hair rut i've been in lately. so should i just stick with a cut? add some volume? or revamp the whole look?

any ideas??

post no. 359 -- there is only so much cooking one can do

on these nights, we claim it's date night and stuff our faces at the local eatery. 
these days have been happening quite often lately. hey, i'm not complaining. 
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