post no. 368 -- a holiday week, instagram style

these last five days have been fabulous. i took the wednesday before thanksgiving off to decompress and get the apartment deep cleaned {something i have been neglecting today} before our guests arrived on the big day. since realizing the aftermath of a mess that results from holiday parties, we have spent the rest of the weekend laying low, trying to recoup sleep, and slowly but surely pulling out a new wave of decorations. 

p.s. our weather is finally starting to feel like the holidays are here... rain, overcast skies, and bustling winds. living in the tropics, you take what you can get. 


  1. I love all your photos. And I LOVE your dog. And I also love your blog entirely :) I hope to visit Hawaii someday very soon! It seems so beautiful there :)

  2. I love your puppy too :D york peppermint patties are the best :)


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