post no. 366 -- thankful.

my heart is so full this year. 
i don't even know where to begin. 

i am thankful for buzz and jack, and this little family we call ours. 
i am thankful not just for our little family in hawaii, but our big one on the mainland
i am thankful for our health
and not only our ability to walk and talk but the freedom to do so. 
i am thankful for our home. 
i am thankful for the food {almost} in our bellies.
and everything in between. 

i hope you all are having a fabulous thanksgiving with friends and families and all those you love. 
now i'm off to enjoy mine.  


  1. love this post! what a great family picture :) hope you three are having a happy thanksgiving.

  2. Love it. This post is beautiful. I'm so glad I found your blog :). Definitely one of my faves! Happy Thanksgiving!


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