post no. 363 -- finally

after like a million and one nine days buzz is back home! i'm happy, jack is way past that, and hennessy the fish well... has that bubbly feeling all over. here's to a weekend of getting our little family routine back in order!

in other news, this happened earlier this morning...  

tiffany and i swapped text message war wound stories, kinda. more like, bring kleenex and a stick to bite down on when you go get your elbow tattooed, stories. i love this lady. who knew that was possible being a kajillion miles away, but ain't that the truth!


  1. Bahaha! This is so funny. I suggested to my tattoo-er that he supply stress balls in the shop at the exact moment I started whining about my elbow! {bring one with, it might help :)}

  2. lol welcome back! i hope you have a lovely weekend :)


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