post no. 361 -- i couldn't stage this stuff if i tried

one of the huge things i have loved about owning my camera is being able to capture life's little moments on a whim. 

what started out as a mini-cuddle session on the couch turned into a grand sprawl-for-all once i uttered the words bed and time in the same sentence. of course, being the magnificence that is jack, that means she sleeps on the majority of my queen size mattress, and i curl into as compact of a sleeping arrangement as physically possible without disturbing her majesty. nine times out of ten we scoot her over, but i'll let her soak up the last days of just the two of us in bed while she can. 

sometimes i wish she was a real child so i could embarrass her with these photos when she brought boys home to meet buzz and i... 

oh life. no matter how hard it gets, there will always be the little smiles that make it all worthwhile.


  1. I love sleepy doggie pictures. She looks so comfy and happy!

  2. hahaha so cute!! that is one blissful pup :)

  3. Hahaha, I thought I was the only one with a dog that liked to rotch cuddle. Mine weigh in under 20 pounds though... and all three of them lay with their legs spread wide like that too! I never knew other dogs did! At least I have discovered it's... normal? Haha! Adorable pictures of the pup, as always!


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