post no. 35 -- Monday Munchies

Cool Workspace

Heart Garland

Color Block Kitty Pillow

Dare to Dream?

Feather Tattoo

post no. 34 -- My Week in Pictures *UPDATED*

I'm pretty exhausted from this weekend, so I'm not going to go into a long explanation of these photos but I will eventually, I promise.

So last night I was exhausted and couldn't bear to write a blog post so I decided just to upload my typical Sunday Week in Pictures Post and be done. Here is the explanation as promised. 

This week was fairly normal at the beginning and then sped up into craziness as things progressed. Made lots of meals at home, only documented one. My reasoning was to make sure they were a success before I went ahead and suggested them to the world. I am excited to document this week of recipe goodness as I have lots in the works. Work was pretty uneventful. I squeezed in catching up to Kris in Cityville wherever I could manage, and unfortunately am not very successful at that game. Fast forward to Thursday (this is where the week starts getting good). We had date night at BDubs. Yummy. I stuffed myself and then had delish left overs Friday morning while the babies were in surgery. Kris and Jack went through surgery well, and stayed home the rest of the weekend to love each other into recovery. I started several new books about starting a home based business and not having a conventional job. So far I'm  loving them and taking notes furiously. Speaking of home based business, Operation Pea Paperie and Advertising is into full effect. Look for my new  button soon on Kaelah Bee's blog Little Chief Honeybee. That was my week folks, how about you all?? Any adventures out there?

post no. 33 -- Perfect Day Pt. 1

Last post of the night. I've had this song stuck in my head all day:

It's one of those songs you can really just think about. I'm hooked. 

Post Preview: What's Your Perfect Day?
Sleep tight!

post no. 32 -- Miss Macalistaire

All this thinking about interior design and what I want our house to look like when we finally get back to California has got me a bit nostalgic. Back in California I worked pretty much full time at a Structural Engineer's office in Laguna Beach. When I started there I met an amazing woman named Rachiel Macalistaire.

Rachiel is a school teacher in the Capistrano School District but in her free time sold vintage clothes out of her home, at garage sales, etc. She was working at the office for the summer while she was waiting for school to start again, saving for a new refrigerator. Ultimately she ended up having to leave in September, but we remained friends meeting up randomly with quirky conversations about life. The summer after I graduated high school she approached me with an idea that has become a catalyst for my current self. She told me that she was starting a store down in South Laguna and needed a nerd to help her with the techy aspects of things. I jumped at the chance  to make more cash naturally, and started working up some web designs immediately. She introduced me to a string of wonderful ladies, and a world of great vintage finds.

Rachiel has been an inspiration that no matter what your age, background, education, etc. it's always the right time to follow your dreams. I am incredibly proud of the success of her store. So much success, that she has actually opened a second location. I can't wait to get back to California this summer and say hello. if you are ever in the area check the Laguna Beach location out at 1850 South Pacific Coast Highway. Or visit her Facebook.

post no. 31 -- Home Sweet Home

I can't wait for Kristoph, Jack, and I to move into a "real" house. We currently live in military housing (cloned duplexes with garages) and about 90% of our furniture is from IKEA and was intended as a starter set. I love IKEA, and we will probably get more from there when we get back to the mainland, but having worked in a quirky and eclectic vintage shop back in California, I have a flair for found furniture. Below are some pictures of decor I love. Let me know what you think! 

All images from Apartment Therapy

post no. 30 -- All Grown Up

Seems like yesterday I started this blog, and we're already at 30 posts! I know this seems like nothing but I think it's quite a success if I may say so myself. Last night Kris and I had "Date Night" at Buffalo Wild Wings (I pity those who do not have one near to them) and got him set up for his surgery this morning.

For those of you who don't know, Kris recently was sent home early from his deployment due to a really bad hernia he got while working out and having the ship move suddenly. I will be dealing with a houseful of patients for the next week or so, as Jack is getting spayed this morning. Is it wrong to feel bad for being the only one not getting cut open? I will definitely be taking this down time to get things rolling on Pea Paperie, and tackling some much needed blog and shop projects.

On a side note, I would just like to say how weird it is to be able to eat in the living room without being begged from and watch my shows without worrying if Kris is bored. Well this weekend should be pretty quiet with the babies all bandaged up.

What are your plans for the weekend?

post no. 29 -- Hebrews & Chest Pieces

So the more I get tattoo'd the more I love it. Some might call me crazy but I agree with those who say it is addicting. My plans right now for tattoos are just to get through my sleeve first, and then if I'm ballsy enough, go for my chest piece. I'n not 100% committed as on right now about getting my chest done, but I love the look of others who have gotten their chests' done. If and when I do go through with a chest piece I have a bible verse in mind. I'm not super religious, but having grown up in the Christian church, I feel that it is still very much a part of me. One verse that has stuck out in my life drastically is Hebrews 11:1 "Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see." (NIV) Faith is something that not too many of us have, but should. If not in God, than the ability to pay the rent, or having faith in our relationships and loved ones. All in all, this verse to me is about having faith in ourselves. Only by believing in ourselves can we expect others to. I'm reading Making a Living Without a Job by Barbara Winter, and that's exactly what she discusses. Self-Esteem. To me, that's key. Everything means nothing if we can't trust in ourselves. 

This post has gotten a bit philosophical, but here are some chest pieces I love:

(First three are from Google, then lovely Kaelah from Little Chief Bee and Danielle from Sometimes Sweet)

post no. 28 -- What Inspires Me Wednesdays

I have really been slacking, not going to lie. Apologies! Here is the post I intended on putting up yesterday.

So this week I have decided to change it up, instead of listing a ton of pictures and different things that inspire me, today I really just want to focus on one. Paper.

Paper?!?! You may ask, yes paper. Not just paper, but stationery. Note cards, post cards, all cards really. Here is a list of why I love it.

  1. Paper lets me be creative. -- From the initial design of the stationery, to the packaging, to the popping it in the mail to make someone's day brighter. I love the creative aspects of every process. 
  2. Paper is a part of everyone. -- It's 10:30AM. How many pieces of paper have you touched today? From faxes, to bills, to report cards, I bet you all have touched several pieces of paper already just today. Cards really do brighten peoples days, and I honestly believe in the power a card can bring. Whether it's grief, get well soon, or just a note to let someone know they are loved, I believe in the impact of a piece of paper. 
  3. Entrepreneurship -- Back in high school I got this crazy idea to start designing and selling stationery. As things got crazier with school and work, and well, life in general, things started to fall by the wayside with the "company". After relocating to Hawaii I honestly felt like something was missing. We had a spare room with nothing in it, so one day Kris and I decided to convert it into a bonafide studio. I unpacked all of my stamps, embossing tools, etc. and I was overwhelmed with a great big sense of happiness. Like someone was smacking my face with a pillow, "Hellooo!! Go for it!" So from there I decided to really give it a go. In the meantime, I've been planning like crazy to get the ball rolling. I don't know when I will officially declare Pea Paperie open for business... but it's coming! (Kind of like the iPhone for Verizon) More details will come soon. 
So that is my paper post. Just giving you all a little insight into my brain. I'm hoping to take a class maybe soon, and finish up a bunch of books I've started about business, etc. Who knows what the future is going to hold, but I'm excited to grab on! 

post no. 27 -- Cupcake Pizzas

Well this has just been the longest post to get out. From my internet dying, to pictures not loading correctly. Holy Cow! Anywhoo, finally up and running!! 


Last night I decided to get a little creative with our homemade pizzas that I usually make for Kris and I. Instead making them quite a bit smaller. I loved the result! These little morsels are perfect for parties or just a night of movies and snack dinner. 

Before we begin, here's what you guys are going to need: 

Cupcake Pan

Crescent Dough (One solid roll, no precut lines)

Nonstick cooking spray
1 cup Colby Jack Cheese
1/4 cups prepared marinara sauce
1/2 cup shredded mozzarella 

**Makes about 8 Mini-Pizzas (enough for 2 grown adults) Use more ingredients as desired. 

Preheat oven to 375°F. Meanwhile, unroll dough onto a cutting board or flat work surface. 

Cut the dough into 8 squares. Make sure that the squares are large enough to fit the cupcake holes. They will sink in there once they start to back to form little pockets.

Go ahead and place the dough into the cupcakes slots, and spread 1 tsp.  of marinara sauce in each. Don't lather it on too thick in one spot, just spread around as desired. 

Sprinkle with about 1 1/2 tbsp. of cheese per cupcake pizza and slide them into the oven. Bake for 20 minutes or until golden brown. (Like I have mentioned in previous posts, Kristopher likes all of his food crunchy so I like to keep things in the oven a little bit longer. Once they are golden and crunchily melted go ahead and pull them out and allow them to cool for about 5 minutes before serving. 

Your Cupcake Pizzas should look a little something like this. 

Last night I paired them with a small salad with carrots, oranges, and raspberries, but these honestly can be paired with anything.

Let me know if you liked the recipe!

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post no. 25 -- My Week in Pictures

This week started off in the city with Kris. We toured Chinatown and the Business District around Market St.  We had a great day just venturing around the city. We ended our date day at Mai Tai Bar in Ala Moana. It was fun. There was a live band playing so we just sat there pigging out on Mahi Burgers and listening to the jams. Living in Hawaii means seeing rainbows EVERY day. But Thursday there was the most vibrant rainbow in the sky, I just had to take a snapshot. My sister sent me some pictures of my twins (nephews that is). They are 19 months and huge. I can't believe how much time flies and how much they grow in between pictures. Yesterday morning I made Kris pancakes with strawberries and raspberries. We topped them off with Vanilla Maple Syrup from Williams Sonoma, and I probably gained like 14 pounds in the process. Kris picked up his  "new" car and I got a tattoo. Overall it was a pretty adventure packed week. 

post no. 24 -- Ouch.

Last night Kris and I went down to Tattoolicious, so I could get some more ink, and wow. Everyone told me the upper inner arm is painful, but holy cow! Uncomfortable much? I'm home now plopped on the couch getting ready for the Bears vs. Green Bay game, next up will be the Jets vs. Steelers, and as much as I like the song Black and Yellow, I really hope the Jets can make it to the Super Bowl this year. We'll see... 

Anyways, here's my arm... I will post another better picture soon. I have it on my Blackberry but I'm embracing Loaf Day to the fullest.

post no. 23 -- I have a Secret Admirer!

(You have to read from the bottom to the top.)

Dear Not so Secret Admirer, 

Gooooood morningg <3 You are so cute. I woke up and reached over for my phone to see what time it was, and I saw that I had an e-mail on the Pea Blossom account so I opened it up and saw this little note from you. You are passed out now too, you know how I know? Because when I heave and ho to pull the blankets out from under you to cover you back up, you don't move. I'm glad you like the blog :) I'll be sure to finish the wardrobe section soon, but I think you might have the wrong idea of what I'm intending it for. I think you're starting to wake up so I should scoot, I don't want the Mr. finding out some cute guy writes me love letters while I'm sleeping. 

--Your Fine Quality Blog Creator

PS I lurve choo moar

On Sat, Jan 22, 2011 at 12:21 AM, Kris Pearson wrote:
Gooood morning honey bee :) How are you I cant sleep too excited about the car but you are knocked out in the bed. Wanna know how I know? Cause when I kiss you, you don't squeeze my arm like you would even if u were partially awake. Anyhoo I was just reading all of your blog and the little sections too (finish the wardrobe I wanna dress you) and thought I'd contact the creator of this fine quality blog.

-Your not so secret admirer

PS I lurve choo 

I love my husband!!

post no. 22 -- Off to Malibu

Kris and I have been in the market for a "new" car for a few weeks now, ever since we realized the strain of having to juggle schedules and house keys (long story). After going through a wide array of cars I would drive, I finally gave up my search and just left it up to Kristoph to pick himself out a new ride. Well two days later the vote is in. After rifling through about a billion and one Craigslist postings, he finally decided on a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu.

He went to go see it this afternoon with a buddy of his while I was still at work, and then today after my tattoo consult for tomorrow (don't worry, pictures will be up afterwards) he took me to go take a look.

It has blue leather seats, how awesome is that?!?

We will most likely go pick it up tomorrow morning of afternoon, and then I am going in in the late afternoon to get my sleeve worked on, going to add the locket and maybe start on the cameo frame. Excited!

post no. 21 -- Got Fonts?

So there is this couple named Kevin and Amanda that make cute fonts for the world. The best part: they're free. Anything from scrapbooking fonts to handwriting, to doodles galore, you can find at their site. Here are some of my favorites::

Check them out, and let me know what you think!

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