post no. 08 -- Tattoo Tidbits

So as some of you know, I'm planning on getting a 3/4 sleeve on my left arm based off of the song Naturaleza Muerta. The song is an adaptation of the folk story in Mexico that describes how this big white rock got to be on on of the beaches. I love the story and have since I was ten years old, so I decided what a great piece to do. Well so far all I have is Ana in the form of a sugar skull on my shoulder. But attached are ideas that I'm piecing together that will hopefully result in one big beautiful sleeve.

So this is Ana, or Anne as I like to call her. She was the first of many hours spent in that poorly padded chair, but despite the pain she caused my shoulder bone, I love her. 

So on my inner arm "my ditch" (the part inside your elbow) I'm getting an anchor. I like these two samples a lot. I think I might get hearts at the base like Exhibit "Cupcake", but we'll see. Moving on. 

Attached to the anchor with a cute bow will be a skeleton key for a locket (which will be placed farther up towards Anne). I want the locket to resemble the white stone so it ties back to the story a bit. 

So, the next part of my sleeve will not be Ariel, and no it won't be Zelda either... it will be a little bit of both actually. Because I love stained glass, I'm going to be getting an ocean scene in stained glass for the main part of the tattoo. I love the borders and the strong outlines, plus paired with the shading inside, I think it will be gorgeous. 

Along the frame of the stained glass will be a couple of my favorite flowers. One in particular is called the Pincushion, I saw it at the store one day when Kris and I were out shopping and I fell in love. I thought it would be a cute idea to have the pincushion flower sit atop an actual pin cushion for one of the flowers. 

The rest of the flowers will probably be these, and a couple old school roses to tie back to Anne. We'll see what happens. The biggest thing I love about this process is that the more I think about my sleeve the more it seems to change. 

I'd love to know who else out there has sleeves, or tattoos in general! Send me a link to your blog/pictures and I would love to check them out!!


  1. Wow, love your ink!!! I especially love the sugar skull, I'm hoping to get one soon!


  2. Thank you!! I definitely recommend them :) Hoping to get my sleeve finished up soon so I can post some more pictures!

  3. The last picture on the bottom left is actually a Lotus, just so you know... and the symbol in the middle has to do with Hindusim. :D

  4. Oh I know, I was saying I'd include a lotus, a couple of Japanese styled mums and then some roses. Thanks though :)


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