post no. 24 -- Ouch.

Last night Kris and I went down to Tattoolicious, so I could get some more ink, and wow. Everyone told me the upper inner arm is painful, but holy cow! Uncomfortable much? I'm home now plopped on the couch getting ready for the Bears vs. Green Bay game, next up will be the Jets vs. Steelers, and as much as I like the song Black and Yellow, I really hope the Jets can make it to the Super Bowl this year. We'll see... 

Anyways, here's my arm... I will post another better picture soon. I have it on my Blackberry but I'm embracing Loaf Day to the fullest.


  1. It looks really nice still bummed about the Jets but its the Super Bowl now so...Black an Yellow Black an Yellow Black an Yellow

  2. I know, DIY Black and Yellow game day gear, coming soon!


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