post no. 34 -- My Week in Pictures *UPDATED*

I'm pretty exhausted from this weekend, so I'm not going to go into a long explanation of these photos but I will eventually, I promise.

So last night I was exhausted and couldn't bear to write a blog post so I decided just to upload my typical Sunday Week in Pictures Post and be done. Here is the explanation as promised. 

This week was fairly normal at the beginning and then sped up into craziness as things progressed. Made lots of meals at home, only documented one. My reasoning was to make sure they were a success before I went ahead and suggested them to the world. I am excited to document this week of recipe goodness as I have lots in the works. Work was pretty uneventful. I squeezed in catching up to Kris in Cityville wherever I could manage, and unfortunately am not very successful at that game. Fast forward to Thursday (this is where the week starts getting good). We had date night at BDubs. Yummy. I stuffed myself and then had delish left overs Friday morning while the babies were in surgery. Kris and Jack went through surgery well, and stayed home the rest of the weekend to love each other into recovery. I started several new books about starting a home based business and not having a conventional job. So far I'm  loving them and taking notes furiously. Speaking of home based business, Operation Pea Paperie and Advertising is into full effect. Look for my new  button soon on Kaelah Bee's blog Little Chief Honeybee. That was my week folks, how about you all?? Any adventures out there?

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