post no. 19 -- Dear Dreads

Last night I had a bunch of weird dreams. The dream that stuck out the most to me when I woke up this morning was that my dreads came out, like my hair just got wavy and straight again. This morning on my way to work they were talking about dreams on the local radio station and so I called in the get my dream analyzed. After waiting "on hold" for what felt like 20 songs (an hour) I finally got through. According to the Dream Doctor, my dream meant that I feel like if I lose my dreads I will lose apart of who I am, and a part of my identity. I guess I had never really thought about them as a piece of my identity before, but having it put like that really got me thinking about how much I am actually (literally and metaphorically) attached to them. 17 months ago, it was just a hairstyle. But today, I feel like my dreads have actually helped me figure out who I am. They have helped me to realize that I am unique, not just because I have dreads but because of who I am as a person. When I was still deciding on dreadlocks, I used to read the FAQs etc. about the "transformation" they went through by getting dreadlocks. I thought they were all crazy. Cuckoo tree hugging hippies that thought staring at their belly buttons would bring them closer to inner peace. Well the belly buttons were right. Shucks.

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