post no. 32 -- Miss Macalistaire

All this thinking about interior design and what I want our house to look like when we finally get back to California has got me a bit nostalgic. Back in California I worked pretty much full time at a Structural Engineer's office in Laguna Beach. When I started there I met an amazing woman named Rachiel Macalistaire.

Rachiel is a school teacher in the Capistrano School District but in her free time sold vintage clothes out of her home, at garage sales, etc. She was working at the office for the summer while she was waiting for school to start again, saving for a new refrigerator. Ultimately she ended up having to leave in September, but we remained friends meeting up randomly with quirky conversations about life. The summer after I graduated high school she approached me with an idea that has become a catalyst for my current self. She told me that she was starting a store down in South Laguna and needed a nerd to help her with the techy aspects of things. I jumped at the chance  to make more cash naturally, and started working up some web designs immediately. She introduced me to a string of wonderful ladies, and a world of great vintage finds.

Rachiel has been an inspiration that no matter what your age, background, education, etc. it's always the right time to follow your dreams. I am incredibly proud of the success of her store. So much success, that she has actually opened a second location. I can't wait to get back to California this summer and say hello. if you are ever in the area check the Laguna Beach location out at 1850 South Pacific Coast Highway. Or visit her Facebook.

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