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So due to the fact that I have been toying around with other blog names, ideas, etc. for the last week or so, I have not been able to finalize anything to finally be posted. Well I figured, since I couldn't make the post for 01.01.11, what better of a day to start blogging that 01.11.11 :) So I thought it only fitting that for 2011, I compile a list of eleven resolutions. Well, two nights, several crumpled up papers, and a lot of typing later, here they are:

1. Dedicate at least one hour per day to my blog.

So I have been a blog stalker since high school, every now and then getting hooked on a blog or two, and thinking to myself “Hey! I should start a blog..” Well a dozen one post wonders later, I have finally RESOLVED to stick with it. 2011, isn’t the year of the dog, it’s the year of the blog! One post a day for the next year will hopefully yield a great big online scrapbook to look back and carry on in 2012.  

2. Have a “Date Night” with Kris once a week.

Last March I married my best friend Kristopher. He is in the Navy, he has greenish-hazely eyes, and is just as pale as me when we lay out on the beach. For all of these reasons and more, I love him! This New Year’s we decided to have a stay in night and watch movies instead of rage until midnight and beyond. We ended up watching Date Night with Steve Carrel and Tina Fey. Hilarious! Read the synopsis here if you haven’t already heard of it. Anyways, it got me thinking about taking time to make sure that our marriage doesn’t grow stale (which I hardly doubt it could, since the only likeness we have to bread is pigment). But nonetheless, Date Nights: Once a week, every week, until we die.

3. Cook from scratch.

I am a fan of canned cooking creations. So much a fan, that I actually have a cookbook stocked with recipes solely using canned ingredients. It’s that bad. Last night, Kris and I decided to look up the only Whole Foods on the island and browse the recipes they had listed on their site… Yum. Short and sweet, we’ll be el natural from now on at the Pearson’s Place.  

4. Go big or go home. 
This is more focused towards my next goal of the year, but although I am quite extroverted with friends and family, I tend to overthink what people might think about decisions, etc. that I make. This year, the fear and doubt is getting thrown out.

5. Start and finish my sleeve.

So this Thursday I will be getting my first tattoo!! I drew her myself, her name is Anne. She’s based off an old Mexican folk story, and also the song “Naturaleza Muerta”. She  will be part of a 5/8 sleeve (longer than half, short than 75%). I will post pictures as I go J

6. Project 365.

I have always liked this idea. I will be starting February 1st, just to give myself some breathing time to get adjusted with everything that is changing in my life right now. What a better place to debut my uh-maze-ing photography skills than a blog?!?

7. Read one book a month. 

So for Christmas Kristopher bought me a super amazing Nook Color. I love it!! BUT, I’m really bad at finishing books, just ask my lonely bookshelf. This year, I am going to pinky promise myself to finish one book a month, twelve books a year. Totally doable, right?

8. Draw, draw, draw.
All throughout my childhood and even into my teens, I loved drawing, and I still do! Unfortunately, getting older, means getting busier, and look at me sitting here making excuses! This year, like reading, I aim to finish one project a month. Essentially this year will be for making time for the things I have not made time for in the past.

9. Enjoy my surroundings.

I live in Hawaii. Every year, thousands of people flock to come visit these islands, and we are lucky enough to live here all year. This year, one of my main goals is to explore my island (Oahu) and visit several of the other islands as well.

10. Get comfortable in your own skin, like really comfortable.
My dorky, teen-pubescent phase is oh-vee-ee-are, over. I am a grown up married lady. Time to learn how to be myself. Enough said.

11. Never settle.
Life is short, really short in fact, too short to be settling for things, jobs, friends, etc. that make you unhappy. This year, and for the rest of my years, I am going to learn to never settle. Embrace the good and the bad, but do what makes you happy.

Moral to the story: Love, live, and learn along the way. This year is all about finding me, let the games begin!

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