post no. 22 -- Off to Malibu

Kris and I have been in the market for a "new" car for a few weeks now, ever since we realized the strain of having to juggle schedules and house keys (long story). After going through a wide array of cars I would drive, I finally gave up my search and just left it up to Kristoph to pick himself out a new ride. Well two days later the vote is in. After rifling through about a billion and one Craigslist postings, he finally decided on a 1968 Chevrolet Chevelle Malibu.

He went to go see it this afternoon with a buddy of his while I was still at work, and then today after my tattoo consult for tomorrow (don't worry, pictures will be up afterwards) he took me to go take a look.

It has blue leather seats, how awesome is that?!?

We will most likely go pick it up tomorrow morning of afternoon, and then I am going in in the late afternoon to get my sleeve worked on, going to add the locket and maybe start on the cameo frame. Excited!

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