post no. 14 -- Recap

So 19 days into the new year I'm already starting to skimp on my resolutions. Missing one day of blogging is just not acceptable. Yesterday was crazy busy at work, building our new blog out to make it informative and grand. Getting paid to listen to webinars is pretty cool, I'm not going to lie, but now I think it's time to spend some TLC time on my own. Today was the first time ever I've had bare arms at work, considering I didn't want my super conservative boss to gawk at my rather large tattoo, but it went well. By well, I mean he didn't stare, and said nothing about it. I'm glad, mainly because sans air conditioning our little office gets pretty uncomfy, and it's nice to be able to let my arms be free. Enough ramblings, let's get to the feature blog post for today: What Inspires Me Wednesdays!!


  1. Yes, I'm stalking your blog, hope you don't mind! Having a full sleeve and working for a lawfirm sucks, sucks, sucks! I never really thought about how bad I would feel having to cover up part of me, and what I love. Makes me re-think my career path just so not have to hide who I am.

  2. LOL

    #1 -- Totally fine, I love stalkers! Having been one to other bloggers since high school (who am I kidding, I still stalk blogs!)...

    #2 -- I know exactly how you feel!! I started working at an engineers office back in high school and in college I decided to dread my hair... they were chill with it for the most part, but I always caught clients off guard when they met me. Tattoos are a new ballgame. But I say rock 'em! My husband hides his around his grandpa, but I'm still wanting a chest piece so IDK how much of that I could hide ;)


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