post no. 16 -- College Bound

Last night Kris and I deep cleaned our house. It actually felt great! We didn't start until almost 9PM, so by the time we were finished we were ready to fall into bed. Waking up to a spotless house is wonderful. I hope it's still in that condition once I get home this afternoon...

So more college decisions are at hand. Last time we left this discussion, I was torn between a traditional 4-year university (UH Manoa) and an online art program that allowed me to work at my own pace, relatively speaking (Academy of Art University). Well, I did some poking around online, because I really hated the idea of going to school without ever stepping foot in a classroom, and I found out that Honolulu Community College offers a Communication Arts Program for your AA Degree that emphasizes in Design. I'm amped. 64 credits, and I will be able to graduate with a piece of paper that says good job!
But wait, it gets better. UH Manoa, offers guaranteed acceptance for transfer students with a 2.8 GPA or higher who have completed 24 college credits. Even more exciting, eh? I'm still torn in both directions but at least I have been able to eliminate online college out of my vocab. Either way, I'd start at HCC and finish up at Manoa, and either way I'm excited to get this ball rolling this fall.

On a side, note my Architect father, has decided that no career other than Architecture will be a suitable choice. He's been grilling me since I landed on the island about getting back into school. Yet, when I finally find a major that makes me happy and that I could see myself pursuing in the future, he sends me this. Observe #18; noting that "If you'd rather end up with one of the best-paying college degrees, you'll have to major in something that requires a lot of math classes". Well maybe when I'm designing his new website, logo, and letterhead, he'll reevaluate his judgments on my career choice. Then again, maybe not.

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