post no. 25 -- My Week in Pictures

This week started off in the city with Kris. We toured Chinatown and the Business District around Market St.  We had a great day just venturing around the city. We ended our date day at Mai Tai Bar in Ala Moana. It was fun. There was a live band playing so we just sat there pigging out on Mahi Burgers and listening to the jams. Living in Hawaii means seeing rainbows EVERY day. But Thursday there was the most vibrant rainbow in the sky, I just had to take a snapshot. My sister sent me some pictures of my twins (nephews that is). They are 19 months and huge. I can't believe how much time flies and how much they grow in between pictures. Yesterday morning I made Kris pancakes with strawberries and raspberries. We topped them off with Vanilla Maple Syrup from Williams Sonoma, and I probably gained like 14 pounds in the process. Kris picked up his  "new" car and I got a tattoo. Overall it was a pretty adventure packed week. 

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