post no. 222 -- two weeks without

where to even start. i'm still alive for starters. these last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, but we're still standing {with a little aide of a pair of crutches, but still}. last monday kris left on the first of two "business trips" that left me on my own for the larger part of two weeks. the first week went well. jack and i held down the fort as usual when buzz is gone, and spent most of our time home together packing up {and tearing apart} boxes throughout the house. buzz got home late friday night just in time for the move on saturday. saturday, oh boy, saturday. what a chaotic day! well that day seemed to spiral into a whole week of mayhem and instead of telling you all i figured it'd be easier just to show.

here's a look at life this last week:

post no. 221 -- ever feel like?

you ever get the feeling you're wasting your life?
your talent, your ambition, your spark.
ever feel like that paycheck that's higher than all your friend's,
just might not be worth it.
that the stress, the headache, the annoyance,
is shortening your life, day by day.

i do.
a lot.
i feel like i'd be happier on my own.
doing my own thing.
creating my own universe.
like the secret, but better.
not just a parking spot,
the whole building.

this chapter is winding down,
and i think it's about to get cut from the credits.

post no. 220 -- just keep growing

the great grow continues. last night i went ahead and snipped some bangs to even them up a bit and decided on a new bobb-ish like hairstyle instead of just parting it to the side like a boy. just a few more inches and i'll be in total love of styling this little do of mine.

hope you're all having a fantastic hump day!

post no. 219 -- i sure do love you lots

distance makes the heart grow fonder.
and i'm sure fond of this one.

come home safe buzz.
and hurry too!!

xo ashy

post no. 218 -- weekend recap

buzz was gone during the day all weekend.
so i saw him at night, 
and did all these things during the day.
oh and the beach, 
we went to the beach too, 
but i don't like getting my camera sandy.

and now kris is gone on a business trip.
woe is me. 

post no. 217 -- happy father's day!

happy father's day dad!
oh and chuck norris too.

hope all of the dad's out there are having a fabulous day

post no. 216 -- bad dreams are still just dreams

bad dreams are still just dreams
bad dreams are still just dreams
bad dreams are still just dreams
bad dreams are still just dreams
bad dreams are still just dreams

affirmations help. 

post no. 215 -- when you shake your camera, things go weeee

or so i'm told.

post no. 214 -- and they're off

in case you were wondering, i'm a sugar addict. meaning that 99.975% of our trips to the store end with me staring at all the colorful bags in the candy aisle deciding which one i want to go home with. last night, was no exception. we went in to find buzz a helmet, and came out with nothing but sugar. 

i accept full responsibility for your {as well as my own} 
cavities and future {but hopefully not} diabetes kristopher. 


post no. 213 -- jack's diary: the creep

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hello everyone, 

jack here, back in action after a little bout of depression about all my stuffys getting packed away for this alleged move everyone's been talking about. humph. well, today i'm here with mom's permission to let you all in on a very important aspect of gaining edible goods. i call it, the creep. i've demonstrated above the proper technique i use for acquiring mom's cereal in the morning, but it can be applied to all treats and cookies, oh yes cookie cookies. throw in a good pout face or two and whatever you want is sure to be yours in a matter of minutes. i mean honestly, who can deny this face.

xo, jackle 

post no. 212 -- dear netflix, i love you.

so ever since the move started we have been slowly selling off our unnecessary belongings to downsize into our little loft. the major furniture there is provided: bed, sectional, tv, and trash can, so in the meantime we've been bidding our duplicates adieu {yes, i did just google that spelling}.

first to go was the cable, and that's when netflix came out in full swing. two weeks back when we parted with the tv, we converted to buzz's 21" computer monitor, which he {the tech genius in the family} hooked everything up to stream netflix. praise the lord.

kris was the one to spark an interest in 30 rock, uh maze ing. and since then i have grown to love other nbc programs such as:

where have i been for the last several seasons?!? under a rock or something! 
i love these shows, and i'm so glad buzz does too. 
tv nights making staying in a fun alternative when all your money is being whisked away in a move. 

post no. 211 -- "i'm not brindle, i'm blue"

when i got home this afternoon it seemed jack was a bit blue, and i think jack is starting to feel the effects of this move. this afternoon while i was cleaning out our closets and packing them into suitcases, jack took the liberty to pout in the suitcase lid. at least i hope it's just pouting. buzz noticed it too when he got home from work. we don't know if she's sick or just anxious about all of her fluffys getting packed away, but she has just not been the same. hopefully she'll be doing better by tomorrow afternoon when i get home.

love you bugsy
xo mommy

post no. 210 -- life's a moving target

yes this is buzz.
yes this is buzz, riding a skateboard through target.
yes he came up with the idea all by himself. 

this was our first real outing in about a week. 
we bought milk, and a father's day card for kris' grandpa, and hair dye. 
{no one warned me how fast red hair fades...}

overall it was a successful outing. 
when we got home i attempted to make homemade mac and cheese. 
key word: attempted. 

buzz ate his, and i hated it. 
so jack had some homemade mac and cheese. 
and she loved it. 
then we watched 30 rock, and fell asleep with the window open. 

the end. 

post no. 209 -- training schedule

so for the last week now things have been cruising right along with megan and my marathon training timeline. we're up to running consistently now for over 20 minutes at a time. surprisingly music and rain helps distract from the task at hand, so it's a bummer that the marathon discourages use during the big day. some nonsense about safety. 

i am now on a mission, once we get this move nailed down and burried, and our pocket books back from negative, to invest in some decent running shoes for the endeavor, and a sporty ipod watch. any suggestions, on the shoes, not so much the ipod watch... ohh unless you have color suggestions!

xo ashy

post no. 208 -- one of these

no i don't have the fever, why would you think that. 
not now, but one day in a couple years, i will have my own one of these. 
i'll share with buzz of course.

post no. 207 -- having some faith

lately i've been stressed. 
mainly about money
and stress is bad for your heart.
so i've really been trying to knock it off. 
for the last few days it's been working. 
i take buzz's advice and just trust that everything will work out when and how it's supposed to. 
and for the most part it is.
so i'm going to leave it at that. 

i think one of the greatest challenges of being a woman is trusting. 
but you know what, 
life is about taking a leap and having faith that there will be some ground beneath you when you land.

all i have seen teaches me to 
trust the creator for all i have not seen.
ralph waldo emerson

{this quote is really hitting home right about now.}

post no. 206 -- bring your blog to work day

welcome to a day in the life of planner ashley

this morning i got back a couple of discs from some weddings i've put together recently and i always find it fun to see myself in some of the shots. whenever we have a wedding that involves more than just a flash and dash ceremony, i'm there bright and shining to make sure things go smoothly. i'm the planner, the coordinator, the miss fix it for the day; there to ensure that everything that could go wrong doesn't. 

it's a bit stressful at times, bearing the weight of the world on your shoulders and all that jazz, but every now and then when you get to see adorable couples joined together for life, it's all worth it. 

{especially these two, oh lawd i love australians!}
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