post no. 202 -- topic transitions

i wanted to take a minute to reflect on what i've been mulling over in my head for the last few days. after a lot of thought about my weekly feature posts, i have decided to take a step back from all of the structure and formality of day specific posts. i will no longer be doing matrimony mondays or things i want thursdays. after a good deal of back and forth i have decided that this will actually be the best route to go for the blog, as ultimately this is a lifestyle blog, and although life may have schedules, it should never be predictable. i would still like to continue with my main feature posts of what inspires me wednesdays but instead of posting various topics, i would like to focus my attention each week to a specific inspiration; be it a person, trend, or random nonsense i find on the street.

i really do love this blog, and the entire concept of blogging. like life this project of mine is an experiment that i ultimately hope to grow from. i hope you other bloggers out there feel the same, and if not i hope you rethink this little adventure of a life.

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