post no. 199 -- Marathon

Late last night my friend Megan and I decided that we would run a marathon. Don't ask me what put this idea in our heads. Well I take that back, Megan put that idea in my head, but don't ask me what put it in her head. The more I think about the incredible feat ahead of us the crazier I think we just might be. But no matter how crazy, we're going to do it, or get incredible wafer thin trying.

The marathon date is set for December 11th of this year so we have just over 26 weeks to train for just over 26 miles. We just might be in it up to our eyeballs, but we're in it and optimistic. I guess it's one of those things to cross off of a bucket list, if I were old enough to have one. So instead I'll add it to my 20 Things Before 21 List. I guess this addition would make 21 Before 21.

With this new goal on the horizon I presume you'll all be hearing a lot more about my work out regimens, and a lot less about my junk food binges on the sofa watching Glee... I don't admit a thing!

Hope you all are having a fantastic weekend!


  1. I think that is awesome!! I look forward to seeing what workouts you choose! Congrats on such a great goal!

  2. good luck. i did a sprint triathlon (.3 swim, 16 bike, 3 run), and didn't think i'd make it in the end.. haha. but i was lazy during training. something that might help; have a training schedule and share it with us so we can help hold you accountable! :)


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