post no. 195 -- Things I Want Thursdays

Every week when Thursday rolls around I get to thinking about little goals and things, whether material or not, I would like. This week I've been thinking a lot about tattoos. Due to the move, planning a vacation home later this summer, and all the other expenses that seem to just keep popping up around us, funds are low. Therefore, tattoos are not scheduled. But everything has a season right? And for now, even though I have a ton of tattoo plans, it is the perfect time to make more!

One of my little Photoshop projects I've been envisioning for quite some time is a Ashley Cartoon Doll Tattoo Diagram, where I outline all my little plans and ideas and lay out exactly where I would like them on me. Maybe once we get the move chaos behind us I'll get busy on that in between work, school, and the monsters.

One of my long time tattoo goals has been to have a Disney piece. Being a 90s kid, I grew up, along with most other 20 somethings, with my butt super glued to the pastel floral sofa surrounded by my cast of Disney Barbies while I sang along with everything from "Under the Sea" to that Magic Carpet jingle. Now I know there will be haters that might deem a cartoon tattoo childish, but despite the unrealistic hair expectations, and various sexual innuendos hidden amidst the animations, who can really deny the positive impact that Disney flicks have had on them. And after all, isn't that the point of a tattoo... marking some point in your life to remember?

I haven't figured out exactly what I want, or where I want in, but I know that I want something. Part of me wishes I had a Little Mermaid sleeve... she was my favorite princess.

Well without further ado, here are some ideas I've been thumbing through for some upcoming work. I know I've already featured some of these images on the blog but I love them all, so I decided you get to see them again!!


  1. The Snow White one....bad effin' ass!

  2. When I saw the Snow White sugar skull I was like why did I not have this sugar skull for the start of my sleeve... but I love my Anne still LOL


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