post no. 222 -- two weeks without

where to even start. i'm still alive for starters. these last two weeks have been a bit of a whirlwind, but we're still standing {with a little aide of a pair of crutches, but still}. last monday kris left on the first of two "business trips" that left me on my own for the larger part of two weeks. the first week went well. jack and i held down the fort as usual when buzz is gone, and spent most of our time home together packing up {and tearing apart} boxes throughout the house. buzz got home late friday night just in time for the move on saturday. saturday, oh boy, saturday. what a chaotic day! well that day seemed to spiral into a whole week of mayhem and instead of telling you all i figured it'd be easier just to show.

here's a look at life this last week:

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