post no. 196 -- Friday Findings

I woke up to two things this morning. The first was thunder and lightening, the second was a text from Kris telling me about the thunder and lightening. On any other day this little weather hiccup would be no big deal, but I have a wedding to put on today at 2pm. An outdoor wedding. My boss is out of town, and his attitude is "figure it out". This all comes having just woke up from a dream in which the officiant for the wedding got hauled off to jail... As I'm sure you can tell I'm exuding confidence about today. But you know what, a cheery outlook is everything. After all, it is good luck to have it rain on your wedding day! Things are going to work out, they have to.

Anywhoo, to the main show, Friday Findings!

Farting around the blog world in my free time leads to lots of little finds that float my boat. This week, the little find which stuck out to me most were these Custom Paper Portraits from Cameron over at Cameron + Whitney.

Do you recognize these familiar ladies?

I'm seriously in love. I have been looking for some sort of portrait idea to put up in the new place, and this is just perfect! Plus compared to some other portrait services, this is CHEAP! $45 for the first person, and $25 for every additional creation afterwards. Cameron offers a framed version for another $5, throw in a little shipping and you're good to go! I hat being destitute as a result of this move, but nonetheless, this is a must for our home! They're so unique and creative, like I said already... I'm in love!! I can already picture Kris and my little characters on the walls!!

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  1. Oh hey! That's me! Thanks for the mention! I'm glad you enjoy my work! *high 5*


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