post no. 212 -- dear netflix, i love you.

so ever since the move started we have been slowly selling off our unnecessary belongings to downsize into our little loft. the major furniture there is provided: bed, sectional, tv, and trash can, so in the meantime we've been bidding our duplicates adieu {yes, i did just google that spelling}.

first to go was the cable, and that's when netflix came out in full swing. two weeks back when we parted with the tv, we converted to buzz's 21" computer monitor, which he {the tech genius in the family} hooked everything up to stream netflix. praise the lord.

kris was the one to spark an interest in 30 rock, uh maze ing. and since then i have grown to love other nbc programs such as:

where have i been for the last several seasons?!? under a rock or something! 
i love these shows, and i'm so glad buzz does too. 
tv nights making staying in a fun alternative when all your money is being whisked away in a move. 

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