post no. 221 -- ever feel like?

you ever get the feeling you're wasting your life?
your talent, your ambition, your spark.
ever feel like that paycheck that's higher than all your friend's,
just might not be worth it.
that the stress, the headache, the annoyance,
is shortening your life, day by day.

i do.
a lot.
i feel like i'd be happier on my own.
doing my own thing.
creating my own universe.
like the secret, but better.
not just a parking spot,
the whole building.

this chapter is winding down,
and i think it's about to get cut from the credits.

1 comment:

  1. Probably at a different level, but I absolutely know what this feels like.

    I'm not the type that leaves comments often, but this post really resonated with me.

    Good luck with whatever direction you decide to go in :)


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