post no. 145 -- 20 before 21

This weekend was absolutely fantastic. As most of you know, Saturday was my 20th birthday. Compared to all the others, this birthday was nothing special, however just the people I was surrounded with this Saturday, made my day amazing. We woke up, went to the pool, went shopping, and ate hot dogs. We got sunburned, stuffed, and drunk. And we were happy the entire 24 hours. 

I officially turned 20 at 5:42pm HST, and that's pretty much when the partying began. Before that we mostly spent the day shopping, picking up a new present for Jack's birthday, and enjoying the weather. We had a big group dinner at the Yard House and then headed down to another Irish bar near Kuhio, called Kelly O'Neil's. Kris has been giving me little gifts here and there for the last week or so including a beach cruiser, purse, and a new iPhone, but by far my best gift came along when he pulled out a little box at the bar with a wedding ring. 

I was planning on a big write up this whole weekend about my birthday and all, but yesterday was a long recovery. So this is what we have. I was inspired by Kaelah's post for her birthday listing all she would like to do before her next, so I decided to give it a try. Mine is plain and boring compared to her wonderfully designed little spread, but I think it gets the point across... Here are my 20 things I would like to accomplish before I turn 21:

1) a complete project 365 2) visit home 
3) climb koko head 4) get back in college
5) focus on quality over quantity 6) finish sleeve
7) pierce my ears (redo) 8) grow hair out
9) get a tan 10) saint and sinner side piece
11) quit soda 12) refine my style
13) work my way through a complete cookbook 14) build up our savings account
15) finish decorating our home 16) finish painting our walls
17) weekend roadtrip around the island 18) smile more
19) stop sweating the small stuff 20) live life

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