post no. 156 -- Wanna Trade?

Well hello again! Some of you out there might have noticed that I have a new button circulating around the blog's side bar. I want to start getting some more designs circulating the blogosphere and was curious...

Anyone interested in a button/banner trade??

I'm happy to follow new blogs as it helps the flow of ideas and information. I'm currently in the process of following all my followers, just a little token of inspiration, but if by the end of tomorrow you're following me and I'm not following you back, let me know!! 

If you'd like to swap buttons, just copy and paste the HTML coding from the box above onto your blog's side bar, or where ever! Then, again, let me know!! I want to start a "Where the Pea Blossoms" sidebar to let readers know who else shares the love out there!! 

In about a month I'm planning to do a shout out again for any new readers that stop in to visit!

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