post no. 142 -- The Jack vs. Hyde Diaries v. 2

"Today was a good day. Mom left for quite some time and during that period of absence I was able to participate in one of my favorite activities: rummaging. Rummaging through the house to find things I would normally not be able to get into is quite exhilarating. The rush of the treasure box like trashcan finds, and the occasional roach that will turn up among the patches of grass that make up the backyard. Oh what a day it was. As you can imagine, mom being a human was not nearly as pleased with my discoveries as I was. But nonetheless, I shall carry on despite what obstacles might attempt at impeachment of this behavior.I take great pride in collecting my goods and dispersing them throughout the house, as mementos of my existence. One day the world shall remember me, the Jack!"

love, Jack's Hyde Side

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