post no. 161 -- Anchors Aweigh

Yesterday afternoon I went in for my ditch to get filled in on my left arm. I wanted a Sailor Jerry style anchor and bow design with a banner across and some traditional tattoo font. As some of you know, this piece is working into a sleeve along with my sugar skull Anne, and my heart locket. {See more here...} I had given my artist a couple different pictures to go off of for ideas but I really had no clue what he was going to come up with. After a little bit of a wait and some back and forth between us he came back with this design... and well I'm in love. We only got through the outline yesterday but boy oh boy, this is my favorite. Sorry Anne. I was pretty nervous going into the appointment as everyone was telling my the ditch and two inches above and below hurt, but it wasn't all that bad. I'm not exactly thrilled for the color, but so far so good. 

Here are some more snapshots of the appointment. Kris lost his phone yesterday so he decided to use mine for Scrabble tournaments for the two hours we were there but I was able to snap one or two here and there...

I'm very happy with the outcome, so I can guarantee you will be seeing more pictures of the new additional very soon! Hope you all are having a great week so far.


  1. Wow, your tattoo looks awesome! I love how you've made an anchor look so feminine and pretty, it's lovely (^_^)

  2. Thank you, I didn't know what to expect going in but I love the result!


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