post no. 168 -- Wedding Snippets

So as some of you know, Kris and I have already had two "weddings". The first wedding was a strictly legal ceremony done in a living room in Virginia to help expedite the move and transition to Hawaii. The second was a faux wedding for our families to experience (mainly due to the fact that my mom wasn't able to come out to our first wedding). Lately though, I have been thinking of doing a third (and final) wedding as a sort of real renewal, just for us. The first wedding felt a bit rushed, as I flew out two days before and took care of the details from across the country, and the second, although surrounded by all of our family, seemed more a show for them and less a re-committing to each other.

So in honor of our third anniversary (which won't be for another almost two years) I think we should go with threes a charm. I don't want to focus on the reception or anything like that, I really just want to focus on us. Sure, we'll make it gorgeous, with gorgeous photo and yummy courses, but I want to have a wedding that feels like everything you picture your perfect day as. No bridesmaids, no crazy uncles to deal with, just close friends and family, love, and most importantly each other.

March 16, 2013 will be our third anniversary, a Saturday, and Kris will be home from deployment. How much more perfect could it get?

Here is some eye candy I have been compiling for the event:

I want the whole experience to be intimate yet inviting, warm and friendly, and just full of love. 

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  1. I hope it was a great day! Love the eye candy.


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