post no. 158 -- Huge Recap {IMG}

This weekend has been amazing. Friday afternoon Kris got back from his week long business trip where he and his group of comrades shot down a ballistic missile off the coast of Hawaii.

Some of you may have heard about it, as it hit the national media stage Friday night. It was a huge mission that took some intense training exercises that had resulted in Kris being gone every other couple of days this last month in preparation, but they pulled it off with flying colors, the first of their kind. Can you tell I'm a proud wife?

Saturday, an Irish Saloon in Wakiki hosted a congrats party for the sailors, and we all headed down. Fun, fun, fun! We danced and drank, and well.. had fun! We saw not one, but two live bands, and a product of the 1970s/post office employee was there all night to entertain us with his dance moves.

My best friend from elementary school, Justin (left picture on the left), flew out to visit Friday night and will be here until Wednesday on Spring Break. So far we've been having an awesome time, bar hoping, beaching, and bumming. As a result I'm as red as a lobster but hopefully that'll start baking my skin brown into tanning submission. That or I'll end up with cancer. Either way, it'll be an adventure. 

Here are some more pictures from the weekend to hold things over until the next post. Don't bother me... I'm on vacation...

Oh PS! Kris got his Kracken / Squid colored in on Saturday afternoon, it looks so good!! He's been on duty since first thing Sunday morning so hopefully I'll be able to snag some pictures of it when he gets home, but it looks great thanks to Cody over at Tattoolicious in Waikiki. 

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