post no. 165 -- Happy Easter! {Belated}

Sorry for the delay in posting. Since moving to Hawaii it seems as though our holiday schedule has gone a bit bonkers. We moved to the island at the end of May/early June, and Kristopher left on a seven month deployment the second week of July. Labor Day, Halloween, and Thanksgiving were spent at home or Denny's. He was gone through most of December, only coming home early due to an injury which needed surgery. We spent Christmas together not really celebrating much mainly due to the fact that we had already exchanged presents earlier that month (Because of packages taking up to a month to get to the ship, I sent out Kris' presents well before Thanksgiving). Since he has gotten back it's been more of the same, New Year's watching movies on the couch, Valentine's Day with his parents, and St. Patrick's Day out to sea again.

It seems as though Hawaii is a sort of time trap, at least for us. Being far away from family just sucks the life out of the holidays. We are looking into heading home this summer, maybe sometime in June. Maybe that will get us out of this funk that we seem to be in lately with living so far away from everyone.

Hoping that everyone had a wonderful and happy Easter weekend, enjoy your families!

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