post no. 140 -- Matrimony Mondays v. 3

Move over candied almonds, the latest trend for wedding favors is giving green. You won’t just be giving back to your guests for celebrating your special day with you, but you’ll be giving back to the planet as well.
Trend #1 : Herbs
If you have some time before your wedding you might try planting your own herbs. By buying small terracotta pots, seeds, and soil in bulk, you will cut the cost of your favors dramatically and send all of your guests home with a great gift.
Another great option it to stick thicker recycled popsicle sticks in the soil to double as escort cards for the reception, which will… you guessed it: save some green!
Trend #2: Tree Seedlings
Another great idea along the line of green gifting is spruce seedlings. These guys come in a wide array of earth friendly transport. From burlap to recycled glass containers, these are sure to make a quaint addition as a favor, or when grouped together, a centerpiece forrest.
Trend #3 : Seeds
Be it flowers, veggies, or even fruit, our third green wedding trend is seeds. Cute, affordable, and completely customizable, these are a great way to thank your guests and let them watch your love grow!

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  1. I love these natural favours, they're so sweet and give each guest something lasting (^_^) What a reminder of your special day!


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