post no. 144 -- Friday Findings: Army Wives

So often in the military you tend to feel cut off from normalcy. You fit in with one half of one group, but yet to find yourself all the way comfortable with the other. Over the last few days I have been stumbling over lots of blogs, carrying out with the norm of flipping through past posts and noting things I like and things I don't.

Then I came across Kristina, an Army wife living out under the California sun in 29 Palms. Through her blog I discovered Megan, another Army wife currently living in Washington, who blogs via tumblr, and snap, crackle, pop, I started thinking this was cool. Other military wives, granted not the same branch, but other people, sharing similar interests.

So this is my extension to you all... Are you a military wife? If so I'd love to hear from you, leave me your blog to check out, etc. So many support sites tend to focus around negativity, but I think it'd be cool to form a new, different, positive (what a concept) little chain of like-minded ladies.


  1. You can't be in the club ;) We'll make a special one for your type.. LOL


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