post no. 164 -- Today

Well today has been just peachy. Insert sarcasm here. I don't know if it's my mood or tude or what, but today just seems to be one of those days.

This morning Kris took the Jeep to work and brought with him all the keys, for everything! I got a bit flustered when I went to go get something out of my Vespa and realized the place was on lock down. After about 30min. of phone calls and text message blasts I finally got a hold of Kris and he came home to drop off the missing link between myself and getting to work on time. Luckily traffic was a breeze and I was able to putt on down to Hawaii Kai (the town I work in) in 30 minutes or so.

After getting settled in at work, the day began. In fact, I think it may have even started before I got completely settled. From crabby clients, to my wonderful (again insert sarcasm) boss' attitude about everything, so far today has just seemed to be crap.

I'm looking forward to my afternoon workout with Kris to get rid of some of this steam, and I'm even more looking forward to the day when I can actually do a job that leaves me satisfied at the end of the day, cause right about now, this right here, ain't cutting it.

Thanks for letting me vent!! Love you all :) 

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