post no. 162 -- Good Friday

Yesterday was my first full day back to work after my mini-vacation while an old friend was out visiting and now I'm off again for Good Friday... right about now I would love to be a salary employee. 

Well, the last few days have been pretty busy around the Pearson residence... or so it seems. Wednesday afternoon I received my headbands in the mail from Tiffany, That Girl in Tattoos. She included the most adorable extra headband as a gift and I love it! I love that her headbands tie in the back so that you can adjust them for any head size and shape. I found that after chopping off my dreads a lot of things had stretched to fit all that hair and things weren't as snug as before. These are 100% better and I love knowing that I'll be able to wear them no matter how much hair decides to grow back!

After talking with a friend who lives over the river and through the woods (or on the other side of the highway) about grants and financial aid for school I decided to give it a whirl and see what happened. I went ahead and filled out an application for the Pell Grant, and would you look at that I qualify. Growing up under my parent's roof in California left me with a whopping nothing in terms of FAFSA grants (money that you don't need to repay once you complete school). Now that I live on my own though, they'll throw all the money in the world at me, well a little over a grand, but still! This little begger ain't complaining! 

I've been checking out courses in the meantime, and I'm actually really excited about starting back up in the fall. Summer school in Hawaii is much more expensive (try more than 3x) the cost of fall and spring courses so that pretty much rules that out for now. 

I feel that there is a lot to be excited for this year, with both school and the daily life we're living here in Hawaii. We're currently trying to figure out when we'll be flying back to visit home this summer and what other little adventures we might have in the works before Christmas. Life is some fun. 


  1. I just went back to school this past fall, after getting laid off and going through a long period of unemployment. Even though that time period sucked, it totally helped my financial aid status! I received a good chunk of money for my classes this year. Every little bit helps!

    For books, I discovered that Amazon and are the best resources for cheaper textbooks.

    Good luck! And those headbands are SO CUTE!

  2. Thanks for the recommendation!! I love that one book can run you like $100... oh well... but hopefully those sites help some :)

    I love the headbands, I literally have been wearing them every day since I picked them out of the mailbox!

  3. You look so cute in your headbands! (found you through ThatGirl in Tattoos)

    I feel your pain on the FAFSA front- I lived away from my parents and on my own for 5 years but that didn't matter to the government when it came to schooling.

  4. Welcome!! :)

    Yeah, I think it's kind of hit or miss with this whole government aide thing...


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