post no. 171 -- Big Ticket

When Kris and I moved to Hawaii most of our furniture was either hand-me-down or IKEA. So far I've loved to brag that our whole house cost under $2,000 to furnish and decorate, but lately I've been thinking it might be time to rectify that.

In military housing it seems that one of the most popular sofa/couch options is actually a sectional. I like to think of the Navy as an extension of high school and college. You have a bunch of 20-somethings, either single or freshly married, coming from all over the country who have one major thing in common, partying. Every weekend it seems there is at least one beer pong tournament, poker game, or drunken skateboarding session, on our street alone.

With the Navy specifically, your ship becomes an extension of your family. When you are not underway or on a long deployment for months at a time, you are in port working with the people you have been living with for the last year plus. Naturally, these "extended family" make their way over to your house, eat with your family, and pass out in your guest room until you both carpool back to work the next day, and begin the festivities all over again.

I am now used to unexpected workout buddies, dinner guests, and late night Madden contests in our living room. But being used to it doesn't mean I can't be prepared. that is why I have begun the search and savings plan for a new sectional. At first, I hated the idea of a sectional. Mainly because of that fact that everyone seemed to have one in our housing. But after searching for a suitable couch to house the masses of friends that tend to gather at our house, I figured it just might be the only suitable alternative to a sofa and loveseat.

I think I just might have found the perfect one too. I don't like the conventionality of an L-Shaped Sectional, but I love the look of a simple couch with a chaise on the end. I can just picture Kris sprawled out after a long day at work playing Little Big Planet with me.

This is what I have decided to dedicate the savings plan to. I hate the pillows on the back, but I love the corded style of the chocolate brown contemporary yet casual sectional. Having Jack be Jack, means that the darker the furniture, the better. Our current sagey-khaki couch has her wonderful paw splotches that will just not come out despite my determination.

Well this sectional will be our next big ticket purchase for the place. We haven't really made any real purchases other than the TV in the Living Room, so this should be a fun adventure for the both of us.

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