post no. 172 -- Not Such a Weak End

This weekend was by far the best I've had on this island. 

Yesterday morning we met up with our friend Fox and headed out to what we thought was Kris' 12NOON appointment at the shop, but upon arrival found that we needed to come back at 4:30 to get more of his Kraken/Squid colored in. We decided instead of just waiting around for a couple hours we'd head over to the beach.

The base beach at Hickam AFB is great. I hate waves, and because of how far out the waves break from the shore, the ocean next to the sand is just a giant salty slushy pool that rocks you back and forth. They rent kayaks and surfboard for the more daring who want to head out the the more open sea and catch a few, and yesterday, we decided that was going to be us. For $5/hr. it beats just laying on the beach. I rented a Kayak and the boys rented paddle boards (stand up surfboards). We cruised out and around and saw sea turtles swimming maybe 2 yards away from where we were splashing. It was kind of a refreshing reminder who's turf we're all on.

After the beach we headed back down to Kris' appointment, just the two of us. Kris sat in the chair of doom for a few hours while Cody and I blabbered on about Portlandia episodes and ridiculous tattoo ideas. Again, I had a blast.  

Kris' arm isn't finished yet, but we're getting close people! It's such a crazy transformation, seeing as when I met Kris he had no tattoos, and in the course of our dating and marriage he's slowly but surely getting covered up. (I'm sure he's probably thought the same thing about me though...)

Today, we've been on a cleaning mission. Kris woke up early and let me sleep in a bit while he putzed around on the computer and then once I was up we hit the day hard. We headed out to the NEX and Commissary to pick up some much needed cleaning supplies and groceries. Once we got back, we deep cleaned the house. And I mean deep cleaned. Kitchen got a good scrub thanks to Kris and the carpets got a face lift from their dinged out state with the help of this great little bottle called Folex. 

Halfway through the cleaning process I snapped the above photos with my iPhone. You may or may not be able to tell but the left is before and the right is after. Jack loved to bring in twigs, branches, dirt, you name it into the house and the result is a stained carpet. Not anymore!! 

Folex is amazing. Seriously, amazing! Like I don't head lightly into the critiquing department, but gang. Go buy yourself a bottle and see for yourself! There's no hard work, scrubbing, vacuuming over, or anything like that. You squirt, rub with your hand, and blot up with a paper towel. Super easy! You will be amazed at the results, I promise. I vacuumed over the patch in the photos above just to make the carpet all line up like it had in the original photo, just to see the true results. 

I still have a lot of work to do with the carpets, but they're getting there! 

(P.S. This is not a solicited review, 100% my opinion, take it or leave it..)

Back to the weekend recap. After we got through cleaning a good portion of the house our friends came over for a BBQ/Birthday Party for our good friend Blaker. He turned 21, and naturally there was a bunch of alcohol involved. Then more alcohol became involved when everyone found out Osama bin Laden had been killed. Needless to say I became the mother hen to the three boys left at the house, and held them steady while they puked up their festivities. 

All in all though, I thought the weekend was great. I really had a bunch of fun. From getting outside and exploring, to finally feeling at home in our place, to having a great time with friends, this island is turning out to be a great experience. 

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

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