post no. 175 -- Things I Want Thursdays

Driving into work this morning was far from a pleasant experience, thus prompting my Things I Want Thursdays post for the week.

The last few days in Hawaii have been nothing but storms, lightning, thunder, and some pretty intense rain. Yesterday things seemed to look better but we couldn't be sure so I took the Jeep again. Nine times out of ten the weather on Oahu is beautiful, so back in October of last year I bought a great little Vespa. I went all out and bought the cream of the crop, with 250CCs and all the bells and whistles. I love the look on people's faces when I fly by doing 70mph on the H-1. With 75-80mpg's how can you complain? Right, right?

Well folks, all is well except for rain, which tends to come at random intervals halfway through my putt to work. That is why I have planned to take action against the weather with the following Things I Want Shopping List.

This little list will ensure I am never wet again! Have a great Thursday!!

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