post no. 186 -- Recap

I've been meaning to post here for quite some time now. (Since Monday morning...) I know, bad blogger. There has been a lot going on at the Pearson's place. It seems every other day Kris has been MIA with work and I've been swamped with thoughts. We're attempting to move by the end of June. Specifically June 30th, as that's when our lease expires with our current place, and the last thing in the world we want to do is renew that. We've been looking around Waikiki (the big city of Oahu) for a one bedroom place to fit us all, and so far the only place I've found is this gorgeous loft/penthouse that requires a pretty hefty deposit and first month's rent. With the move dependent upon the sale of the Jeep (it's totally unpractical to have 3 modes of transportation while living in the city) I've become more and more impatient with it's lack of movement. I don't know if we're pricing it too high or what, but seriously, the thing has everything. Tinted windows, custom wheels, DVD, the works. Granted, the thug life isn't for everyone, but I'd at least like one bite!! I broke down this morning and spent $55 on an AutoTrader listing with a "Til it Sells" guarantee. 90 days is more time than I would like to see it on the market, but esta vida. I hate the feeling of just wanting to be rid of something, yet have it linger. It's like breaking up with your lab partner, the first week of the semester. You get the drift. Hopefully things will start to get moving, and if it's meant to be it's meant to be. In the meantime, we'll just have to wait and see.

Lately I've been exploring a lot of DIY and crafting potential. A friend from Kris' last command in Virginia messaged me over the weekend asking about some tattoo ideas for her daughter's name. I put together a little sketch that she loved so for the last few nights I've been working on getting the color filled in on it. It's just your typical design for a traditional rose tattoo piece, with a tattoo script style font for her daughter's name. She wanted to throw in some tangled thorns below the roses to represent strength and perseverance. I think so far it is coming along great and I am excited to get her the finished product!

Yesterday my friend Megan and I went over to Aiea to check out Fabric Mart. We were a little skeptical at first mainly due to the fact that all they advertised was Hawaiian prints, but after rifling through over 100 bolts of fabric we were a little dumbfounded. I found a couple of patterns I'd like to try but have decided since that first I need to get my hands on a decent sewing machine, since as of now all I have is my hands, and I don't think they're going to cut it. I want my new sectional, as soon as that arrives I can really get to work redesigning our place, or the future one, if we get to that point.

I am vowing to remain positive though. The girls have been extremely good the last few days they've spent together and the time Kris and I have spent together while he's home has been chock full of quality movie watching and picnics in the park.

How has everyone else's week been going so far?? I need some motivation, and what's better than hearing from all of you!

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