post no. 173 -- Matrimony Mondays v. 6

One of the first things I talk to my wedding clients about is what they like. I mean in planning one of the most important days of your life that's kind of one of the essentials right?

Most have no clue, or at best a color palette, but in terms of everything else, nothing. Nine times out of ten when this occurs I encourage them to create an inspiration board. Things they like, fond memories, colors, put it all together. Most of the time that collage comes to me in pictures e-mailed over hundreds of miles across cyberspace, but I find it refreshing every now and then to actually see Inspiration Boards. 

Some of the boards above are for weddings, some are not. I think the fun part of this exercise is that an inspiration board can be made for anything.

Hope this helps get the creative juices flowing!

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