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So in honor of our upcoming move, I have decided to put together a little post on moving attire. So many times when doing housework or grungy activities I find myself dressing like a bum, but that doesn't have to be the case. Below are a few little ideas for outfits as you make your way through the stages of a move. Hope they're helpful! 

Day 1: Painting, painting, painting. Oh and painting. On the first several days of your move (which for style purposes I have condensed to 24 hours) you will be doing some heavy duty prep work. Packing, cleaning, painting, the works. Our house specifically needs some TLC before we move out as I have painted almost every wall at least half with some dark color or another. Style Tip #1 is nine times out of ten you will be painting your walls back to white... so throw on a slubby white tee and some distressed jeans and you're good to go. By wearing a white tee, even if you spill a drop or two you'll barely be able to notice. Tie the outfit off with a cute scarf around your hair to reduce white highlights and you're good to go. 

Day 2: The Day of the Move. The next couple of days involved in the moving process will actually be moving. Again, wear comfy clothes, a loose v-neck, some worn jeans to protect your legs from scratchy furniture and boxes, and don't forget some comfy sneakers to hike around in. Be sure to stay hydrated by bringing along a cute water bottle that you can fill up between stops. Bring the sunglasses if like me you're in a tropical climate, the back and forth between artificial and natural lights can be brutal on your eyes. 

Day 3: Settling In. The day after the move your house will most likely look like WWIII but with many more boxes. Today is the day to get to work. Throw on  some comfy shoes (or go barefoot!) and do a once through on your place with a vacuum or a mop. Loose dirt will most likely have gotten kicked up between all the people trekking in and out of your place during the move. Doing a once through before everything starts getting set up will also help you get a good feel for your new place and how you will like to have it cleaned. Wear a loose but cute dress as you never know what new neighbors might be stopping by to welcome you to the building or neighborhood. Take this time to invite them to your housewarming party, and if they want to see the house let them know that you will give them a grand tour at the party.  

Day 4: Housewarming Party. Today's the day to dress to impress. Your neighbors and friends might have gotten a sneak peek at your new pad within the few days of moving, but this is the night to truly let your place shine. A simply but elegant black dress will set a nice mood for your party and paired with some cute flats will make it casual at the same time. Avoid the heels tonight as you will most likely be running around, and the last thing you want to end up with are blisters on your toes. Depending on the date of your housewarming party (ours is July 4th), play it up with a theme. Having a roof top deck right above our place will be the perfect setting for fireworks and finger foods. 

Throughout the move remember to stay calm and keep breathing. Don't work yourself up too much over the details, and stay level headed when making decisions with a spouse or roommate. 

I would love to hear if anyone else out there will be moving soon! We're excited to get our little show on the road soon and head to the bigger part of the big city. 

Hope you are all having an exceptional Monday!

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