post no. 154 -- Yesterday in Photos

These little business trip weeks when Kris is out of town help me to stop and remember to smell the roses... or in my case passion flowers on my back fence. As always I brave death everyday on my work scooting along at 65 mph on the freeway. Yesterday, unlike the overcast weather today, was gorgeous. Warm, sun shining, makes me wish I was on vacation. I stopped off at Teddy's for lunch and had the best burger with avo and swiss, and mayonaise. I'm a little crazy about my burgers, but they always taste fantastic so don't judge. On the way home I stopped in at the NEX (the shopping mall for military) and picked up some new Chuck T's for 20% off... $25 total! Bargains make me so very happy! 

Today will be a short day at work as housing is finally coming out to fix our AC and the carpet that started coming up in random spots around our living room. Today will also be the last day to get in my cleaning before my friend shows up on his spring break to visit. So much laundry to do! 

Next week is partial vacation for me so hopefully the weather will keep at yesterday's pace. Keep you posted!!

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