post no. 159 -- Now and Then

Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy.  ~Robert Brault

I love this quote. Many a time in the blogging world we get so caught up into what our next post will be, who we will feature, what we should talk about, etc. We forget every now and then to just live, and be happy with living. This weekend I had a hard time disconnecting from the blog. One of my best friends is in town from California, and although I've taken time off work, I've been having a hard time putting the blog away. I have not checked other blogs these last few days and every time I switch gears in my head, the blog pops in, with a "Hey, you really should be updating with your activities for the day, or at least a little fashion post, or something!!" I get dressed and my first thought is, "Have Kris snap a picture for the blog..." 

This morning was my first post since before the weekend, and while writing it, I realized how much I love blogging. Whether there's one reader or a thousand, I like putting thoughts to type and getting it out there. Like tattoos, I think that blogging is a great way to document life, to create a snapshot in time. While I've only been blogging since January, I observe other's blogs and can sit there reading for hours about their transformations from past to present. I feel it helps to keep the good and the bad in check. Knowing that, while today may suck, and  feel like the worst day ever, tomorrow will be completely new, with the potential for bigger and better. I think that is what draws so many in to a lot of life's experiences. That hope for a change, something consistent, yet something revolving that will never stale. That's why I love blogging, I hope it shows. 


  1. It does show. I just love your little blog. But you're right. Blogging can take over your life :) it can be a lot of pressure. But in the end, it should be about you. Because YOU love it. No other reason!

  2. Thanks for sharing! I completely relate...I feel like sometimes I get so caught up in documenting life that I fail to enjoy living it! Thanks for the reminder :)


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